Easy Touch automation connection with the heater (pool versus overflow spa)

I spoke with John in service and he suggested i send this question via this online cue for guidance. We had the EasyTouch Automation system which controls our Sta-rite Max E-therm 200 Heater. Most years the two work very well together; however, this season plus once previously, there has been a ‘glitch’ between heating the spa versus the pool. By pressing spa on the remote, the valves adjust properly to maintain the water in the hot tub (i.e. overflow stops); however, sometimes its the pool that’s heating and not the spa. If i manually go to the heater and press the spa button, it will correct and heat the spa. On one occasion the spa was heating fine and i happened to look at the heater and the ‘pool on’ was illuminated rather than ‘spa on’ so it appears that the automation overruled the setting.
Is there a setting change that i should make or check to ensure that the remote/Easy Touch Automation works correctly and consistently with the Sta-rite heater itself?


  1. Nigel


    Kelli perhaps a valve actuator switch might be in the reverse direction and needing correction. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair.

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