2012 880 Optima Multi Colour LED light

Half of the hot tub’s lights would not turn off or change colour when that option was selected. Now none of the lights are coming on at all and we do not know where to begin to troubleshoot the problem. There is no information in the owner’s manual.


  1. Nigel


    Tanith check your Blue DCU box usually located in the equipment either side panel of the Sentry Control box. While you can’t rule out a completely bad DCU it is usually not the case that all light ports burn out on these units. You should have 12vac going to the DCU box. Check for 12vac with your multimeter. If you have 12vac try disconnecting all the ribbon cables plugged into the DCU box. Then locate the footwell light. Try plugging the footwell light into each port to see if it works. Make sure the topside button for the lights has been activated. If the footwell light works in some of the ports then the DCU is good to plug some lights into it. Figure out which ports are no good and don’t plug anything into them anymore. Once you figure out which ports are good unplug the footwell light and start plugging in the ribbon cables from the other lights in a port that you know is good. Observe these lights to see if they work. If they don’t work or you see any that flicker or don’t have the full color scheme tape these off and place them aside. If any of the lights flicker unplug them immediately. If you don’t have 12vac going to the DCU you could have a bad topside control panel or a bad PWA. If you have 12vac going to the DCU and none of the ports work you could have a bad DCU. If you would like a link to light replacement parts for your 2012 Sundance Optima Spa send me the serial number of your spa.

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