2 speed jet pump not working

If my circulating pump is not working, will this affect my 2 speed pump operation because it does not kick in during the standard cycle operation but it will kick into high if I start the single speed jet pump first and leave the 2 speed pump in the high range for 10 or 15 seconds, then the pump will kick in but it will not run in the low speed setting. Could this have anything to do with the fact that the circulating pump was not working and needs to be replaced.


  1. Reply

    Bill if your circulation pump on a Sundance spa is not working you should be getting either a flashing FLO message or a solid FLO message on your topside control panel. Check your filter cycle set times and duration times. These settings will determine when your 2 speed pump will turn on and the duration that it will run for. Depending on why your circulation pump is not working could have an indirect impact on Jet pump operation ie if you have an issue with your PWA or your topside control panel. If the water in the spa is cold this can also impact/trigger jet pump operation and duration times.

  2. Sandra Moll


    2 speed pump only works on low. Was working on high but now does not

    • Nigel


      What make and model spa do you have Sandra?

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