00 Sundance Palmero Hot Tub Problems!

Do I Have a bad Topside Control or Main Board Problem?

I have a 00 sweetwater Palmero. I recently hooked it up and had a FL1 code. Replaced the pressure switch and code cleared. Lights (topside Control) come on but nothing happened.I turned it off for a night & turned it back on. The topside control was flickering a bunch of random things (ON8, ON3, Etc.) Then the topside control went blank but the system turned on. The topside control had no digital display or indicator lights while running unless you pressed the temp up/down, Light or Pump keys. The system ran for about 12 hours overnight and heated up to 87 Degrees. When I checked it in the morning the system was not running but the topside control was working properly (Reading 87, No Flickering). I turned the power off, unplugged the topside control, plugged it back in & turned power back on. The topside control lights up reads 87 but the system will not turn on.


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    Eric the small tine connectors on the end of the Topside control may not be making good contact.  Disconnect the Topside control from the PWA and

    clean or scrape down the small gold tine connectors on the cord end a bit and then re-insert the connector into the PWA and  see if the issue goes away.  If it doesn’t you

    may have a bad Topside control and or a bad PWA.  If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Palermo spa.

  2. eric


    Is there a way to test either of the two?

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    Eric, the Topside control lighting up and the spa heating and pumps activating indicates the that the Topside is communicating at times with the PWA and that the PWA still functions at times.  Because the symptoms are intermittent you will require a new Topside control to rule out a bad PWA or visa versa.

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