Why do Gorillas like Sundance Spas?

Why do Gorillas like Sundance Spas?

Lagimodiere and Dugald Rd will have a new landmark soon. Keep an eye out for a 30’ gorilla that likes to promote Sundance Spas especially during the Hot tub Kick off event!

We are still looking for a name for this new Aqua-Tech pet so please offer any suggestions you might have.

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Spring weather is around the corner so it’s time to install that new Sundance spa! You can save up to $800 at the annual Kick off event! There is also savings of over $1,000 on 2017 modelspic b mar 29 2018 2





The brand new 2018 Montclair and Hanover Sundance spas will be on display too! Browse all the models and check out the newest technology from Sundance to check your spa from your mobile device. Your family will have hours of relaxing enjoyment in your new spa! Hope to see you soon!

pic c march 29 2018


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