What’s New in Pool Vinyl for 2019!!

Most pools in Manitoba have vinyl liners to accommodate our shifting soil conditions. There are some exciting new prints for 2019 to add some dazzle to your new swimming pool.

One trend is to a natural look with contemporary greys.
As you can see in the picture below the water still looks blue due to the sky reflection.
If you look above the water line you can see the real print colour called “Urban grey marble”

image a

Another new print is with pearlescent inks to add extra shimmer to the water.
There are 3 different options with these new iridescent inks to make your backyard swimming pool look magnificent!

image b

Not new for 2019 but gaining popularity for vinyl pools is to insist on hidden seams.
Most of the advanced factories have devised a way to seam the vinyl so the seam is barely visible.
Look for this option when you’re renovating your pool or building new.





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