What Swim Spa and Personal Pools give the best experience?

If now is the time to be thinking about an above ground swim spa or personal pool, you are likely wondering about all the different brands and options available. .

One of the most important things for most folks is the best swimming and soaking experience.

PDC brand Spas strives for the optimal swim experience with TruSwim® – a specialized system that makes our Swim Spas and Personal Pools the most desired in the world.

“In the 2010s, PDC Spas, a manufacturer of jetted swim spas and hot tubs, began to realize that propulsion swim spas were a growing market for swimming enthusiasts, says Lynda Livingston, vice president. “We became very aware of the propulsion market and with my engineers and mechanical people here, we found what works and doesn’t work,” Livingston says. “Could we do this different, better?”

 Development on the PDC propulsion system began, and TruSwim spas were introduced to the market three years ago.

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One of the standout design features of the TruSwim line is the flat sidewalls and shell. While buyers are accustomed to curved swim spa designs, PDC made optimal functionality a top priority. “When it comes to performance, the straight sides actually allow for a much smoother swim lane,” Livingston says. “The returning water remains along those flat sides and does not get involved with the swim channel. If you have large curves on the outside wall, the returning water, of course, follows the curve. It gets mixed in with the swim lane and becomes very turbulent and difficult to exercise with.”

This year, PDC acquired a patent for its dual propulsion system design, which runs side by side, producing a wider current for the swimmer. Securing the patent, Livingston says, was labor intensive, but worth the effort. “We knew that we had a design that is industry leading and different from the other units out there that allowed us to have that niche,” she adds. “We stepped out of the gate knowing what worked, why we believe it works and improving upon that.”

The design of the shell, says production manager Travis Reed, also helped widen the swim lane and make the dual system possible. “With [the wider lane], the position of the motors allows us to turn that water and expel it out through the propulsion housing,” Reed says, “taking the twist out of the water from the propulsion blades, which makes for a nice smooth, [less turbulent] flow out of the propulsion housing.”

Kathi Belcourt, Director of Sales and Service at Aqua-Tech in Winnipeg, is impressed with PDC’s hands-on approach to each product the company produces, with what she says is unmatched quality control. “It is extremely important to have a TruSwim on the showroom floor,” Belcourt says, “because when a customer wet-tests the product, they realize there is not another swim spa on the market that has a smooth lane, and the [customizable controls] allow a customer to ‘dial in’ their own personal training regimen. When the customer test swims the TruSwim, they want it!”

 The programmable option on the TruSwim are certainly a plus, says David Ali, of Aqua-Tech.  He adds that the TruSwim provides a great choice for customers based upon their ability and intended use. “For the customers who are in the market for a serious workout or a high-end swim training unit, the closing takes care of itself once they see the difference in the swim path and the lack of splashing from jet aeration,” Ali says. “The warranty and service support is the icing on the cake.”

 The TruSwim experience is like no other on the market. “The internet is crowded with junk swim spas, poorly equipped, uninsulated and unsupported,” he says. “If you want a great product that you can have delivered and not worry about future failures and leaks, and have a great warranty, TruSwim is your product.”

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PDC Swim Spas are made in the USA from start to finish for over 60 years, PDC Spas® is proud to be the most trusted name in the spa industry. Every hot tub and swim and fitness spa model is manufactured with the unparalleled quality and craftsmanship only American Made products can offer. Backed with a limited 35 year warranty, this diverse line of hot tubs, swim spas and fitness spas assure a full spectrum of wellness benefits. Featuring advanced hydrotherapy and patented fitness propulsion, the PDC Spas® collections are designed to reduce stress and improve your health, ultimately delivering a better quality of life while in the privacy and safety of your home. Each hot tub, fitness spa and swim spa model is meticulously engineered combining comfort features and performance technology to provide a full range of immediate and long-term health benefits. PDC Spas® offers a wide variety of sizes and features to ensure the best hot tub, swim spa and fitness ensuring your home is a sanctuary of relaxation and wellness.


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