What Does Your Body Get Out Of A Hot Tub?

1. Stimulates Your Heart

A hot tub offers some specific benefits that your body and mind will thank you for after each use. The 102 degree water stimulates your heart to cool your body down so it sends more blood to all parts which in turn heals sore muscles from the increased blood flow. The heart muscle also benefits from the increased activity exercise.

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2. Unique Massages

High performance hot tubs jets do a better job of infusing air with the water (hydrotherapy) which offers unique massages to all the muscle groups. A well designed spa will treat each muscle group. When doing your spa shopping be sure to analyze the jet layout and better yet try a test soak in spa models you’re considering.


3. Reflective Environment

Your body includes your mind which needs to get something out of this experience as well. Examine the waterfalls and lighting as these two items will soothe your mind as your laying in your backyard spa on a cool refreshing fall evening. Some brands just get it right and the detailing is simply superior on the lighting and waterfalls.



4. Aromatherapy

When your enjoying the spa experience you want to have all senses including your sense of smell involved. Some models have special air induction chambers to infuse lemon , cherry and many other aromas into the water. A spa that smells like chemical is not what you want… out a professional model with this option.



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