What Can You Expect for Pool Maintenance Costs

During the long awaited hot summer months, having a pool is undoubtedly a luxury and a great source of fun! Many new pool and seasoned pool owners all ask us the same question – what can you expect for pool maintenance costs.

There are 4 main categories that your annual costs will fall into.

Your weekly Programmed Approach Pool Maintenance Costs

Maintaining your swimming pool doesn’t have to be difficult, but knowing how to properly maintain your pool will make it last longer, be a safer place for family fun and save you money. Following a programmed maintenance approach provides an easy, structured method to keep your pool clear and sparkling. The products which compose the maintenance programs are all specially formulated to work well together and ensure a significant difference in effectiveness as opposed to mixing different products. Since the products are more efficient and work well together, there is less of a chance of your pool becoming significantly unbalanced or even turn cloudy or green. If you are consistent with your product application and follow a system, the chances of needing to spend more money on remedial products will be considerably lowered. Most systems are generally roughly around $300-$550 for a season, and can be purchased during our sale in the spring for savings of .

Balancing your pool chemistry Pool Maintenance Costs

Although programmed approaches to water maintenance reduces the need for many chemicals and reduces the risk of pool troubles, regular usage and environmental events such as rain and wind might cause your pool chemistry to become a little unbalanced. It is important to test your water every few weeks in order to verify that it is balanced. Balancers cost around $250-$400 a season, however they ensure that bigger problems do not arise. For instance, balancing a pool which is low on alkalinity with a pail of TA+ is around $50, but avoids the acidic water of corroding your heater which would thousands of dollars to replace.

Pool Equipment Pool Maintenance Costs

Not only is pool water chemistry very important in maintaining a pool, but there are also various pool equipment and tools which are required to keep a pool clear and looking great. Whether sand or cartridge, pool filters need to be chemically cleaned once a season to ensure peak effectiveness. It is also a good idea to invest in a good vacuum, such as a manual vacuum which attaches to your multipurpose extendable pole or even a robotic cleaner, in order to clean the leaves and dirt which may find their way into the pool. Solar covers or liquid solar covers such as Cover Free, save users from expensive water evaporation or heat loss. Keeping the aforementioned equipment in mind, in addition to other miscellaneous tools which might be needed seasonally such as skimming nets, hoses, etc, a general idea for costs would be about $300-$800 every 2-3 years.

Troubleshooting Pool Maintenance Costs

Sometimes problems are inevitable and things happen such as a green or cloudy pool. In the event that these occur, remedial products are prescribed and used to clear the algae or the cloudiness. The cost of fixing these situations depends on the severity of the situation.  Remedies for cloudy water can range from $50-$150 or to clear an algae problem can range from $150-500 depending on the time of year, the severity and the efficiency of your existing pool equipment.


For more information on these pool maintenance costs or to learn more about pool care in general, simply click on our brochure: Leave the work to the Experts: Aqua-Tech’s Weekly Maintenance Options.


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