The Importance Of Annual Pool Heater Service

The Importance Of Annual Pool Heater Service

The question comes up why do we offer Annual Pool Heater Service and why is it important?  The Importance Of Annual Pool Heater Service is most important at the beginning of your pool season.  After your heater has been sitting in hibernation for 6 months or more it can attract all sorts of obstacles that will prevent it from performing at peak efficiency thereby allowing you to get the most bang for your buck and also have a trouble free warm water swimming season.

What Your Heater Will Thank You For

In the springtime it is quite common to find that rodents or little critters have set up their ranch within the cabinet of your pool heater.  These critters can cause multiple problems within your heater.  They chew up wires that can damage components causing you aggravation and money loss.  Starting up your heater without providing proper annual service and cleaning can cause irreparable damage.  If a rodent has built their nest within your venting a large explosion can occur blowing the venting apart and damaging other components or causing a fire if this is not cleaned out.  So as you can see The Importance Of Annual Pool Heater Service also comes down to a matter of safety and peace of mind.

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Part of Annual Pool Heater Service is determining if your pool heater will be able to withstand the test of another pool season.  Indications of weak, deteriorating or failed heat exchangers and other components will show themselves in an annual pool heater service inspection.  Leaking components can be found before they get out of hand and damage other components.  No pool heater service is complete without a comprehensive water lab test of your pool water.  Preventing troubles in your water will in fact extend the life of your pool heater.  Annual Pool Heater Service will extend the life of the heater.  It will also be the perfect time to assess, scrutinize and determine if the heater will stand up to another pool season or if it should be replaced to serve your family in the most economical and efficient way.

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