🍹 Poolside Drink Recipes 🍹

Maybe it’s a pool party in the mid-day heat, an intimate dinner party with friends, or a romantic night planned by the pool – whatever your life calls for, we’ve got your beverage ideas covered, making your days, and nights at your pool more memorable. Here are some trending recipes for delicious and refreshing summertime… Read More»

What is Chlorine Demand?

Chlorine demand is defined as the inability to maintain a chlorine residual in a pool or spa even after repeated application of chlorinating product. There are a great number of substances that can contribute to chlorine demand. These include (but are not limited to) bacteria, algae, ammonia, urine, sweat, health and beauty products, bather waste… Read More»

How To Open An Above Ground Pool

Step 1: Remove Winter Cover Remove the winter cover, disbursing the least amount of runoff into the pool. Clean pool cover with Spray On Cover Cleaner, Stow Away or Cover Cleanse. Fold cover and place in a plastic container, away from the elements. Using products such as Spray On Cover Cleaner, Stow Away and Cover… Read More»

Non Permanent Above Ground Pool Water Care!

WEEKLY MAINTENANCE STEP ONE: SANITIZE! -Test your pool water every couple days with test strips and keep your chlorine level between 1-3 ppm. -Add 2-3 Chlorinating Stix into a floater and apply/adjust as necessary. STEP TWO: OXIDIZE! -Broadcast 1/4 bag of Smart Shock across the pool surface. This will add sparkle to your water, reduces… Read More»

What Swim Spa and Personal Pools give the best experience?

If now is the time to be thinking about an above ground swim spa or personal pool, you are likely wondering about all the different brands and options available. . One of the most important things for most folks is the best swimming and soaking experience. PDC brand Spas strives for the optimal swim experience with… Read More»

Floating Liners: How to Prevent them and How to Fix them

Spring is a wonderful time of year but, it can bring some pool worries.  April showers bring May flowers but they can also cause floating pool liners.  Although the main component of a pool is water, vinyl pool liners are at the greatest risk of “floating” when the concentration of ground water around the pool… Read More»

Here’s what you’ll need to Start the Pool Season

If it is time to open your pool then fun is just around the corner.  Keep reading to see the 4 best ways to start your swimming pool this summer. Start with the essentials and find new ways to stay clear! Testing and restoring pool water from a winter of slumber are tried and true… Read More»

Swimming Pool Opening Tips and Techniques

The best way to start a pool season is to begin early – a clear way to start and a better way to stay clean! If you take time and open your pool wisely, you’ll kickstart your regular maintenance routine as the pool season begins. We’ve simplified the basic steps that ensures your water is… Read More»