4 Ways The “Net” Can Change Your Spa Care

The internet has become such a huge part is everyone’s day to day life. Need directions? Lets ask Siri. What’s for dinner? Lets check Pinterest! What hot tub chemicals should I add to my spa? Let’s find out on the Aqua-Tech website! Here are 4 ways the “net” can change the way you care for… Read More»

Top 3 Things Spa Owners Miss in Autumn

Fall is here and that means Halloween and Thanksgiving are around the corner. However, it is time to start taking care of your hot tub (so you don’t get a 1,400 liter ice cube in the winter)! Did you know that it is fairly simple to prevent your hot tub from going by the wayside… Read More»

6 keys to Spa Care

EVERYONE in Winnipeg should have a hot tub.  Our weather is perfect for it.  We all work hard and play harder.  We all deserve that happy place, just outside our backdoor where we can accomplish our goals for the day… recharging from a tough day, reconnecting with family and friends or just looking at the… Read More»