Products All Salt Water Pools Should Have

Salt water pools are great for many reasons… easy maintenance, softer water, automatic sanitizer… why wouldn’t you want to switch? Here is a list of all of the products you’ll need to switch your pool over to saltwater!

Salt Water Spas: Facts vs. Fiction

Hot Tub Cover Selector

Salt water spas are one of the up and coming trends following the huge wave of salt water pool installations in the industry. Salt water spas have many pros, just like salt water pool, but some cons as well. Thank goodness we are here to sort out three common claims made about salt water spas,… Read More»

Choosing a salt water pool

Salt water pools are a huge trend in swimming pools these days.  A salt pool looks and feels wonderful.  They are definitely a great choice for folks looking for safe and easy pool care.  When choosing a saltwater pool, there are a few things to consider.