What’s New in Pool Vinyl for 2019!!

Most pools in Manitoba have vinyl liners to accommodate our shifting soil conditions. There are some exciting new prints for 2019 to add some dazzle to your new swimming pool. One trend is to a natural look with contemporary greys. As you can see in the picture below the water still looks blue due to… Read More»

Before and After When You Invest in a Swimming Pool!

When you look at your backyard do you see a lawn to mow and maintenance? I think that’s all we did in our backyard before we invested in a backyard swimming pool resort. Aqua-tech’s tag line is “we create better places to come home to” and when you have a family fun centre in the… Read More»

What’s New For Swimming Pools in 2018!

This first picture illustrates a few new popular trends. Traditionally all vinyl liners for pools were some shade of blue. The new contemporary colour is grey as can be seen by the patio and patio furniture. The printed liner in this Winnipeg backyard is grey granite but appears blueish below the water line because of… Read More»

Before and After in Manitoba Backyards

A proper backyard design transforms the area into an outdoor playroom. The personal resort has to be functional, eye appealing and meet the needs and budget of the homeowner. This will take some planning to accomplish what are sometimes competing interests. Our outdoor designers are a wealth of knowledge and expertise to execute the best… Read More»

News from the Aqua-tech Pool world in 2017

News from the Aqua-Tech Pool world in 2017 This month we have started our first three jobs of the year already and are looking forward to a busy season. Every month we have some pool news to report from new backyards or from our dream display center. We are more than a pool builder at Aqua-tech…we can… Read More»

Why some liners last longer than others

tips to make your pool liner last longer

The most costly maintenance a pool needs is to have a new vinyl liner installed. The average life of a pool liner is 5 to 15 years. Why the vast life expectancy range? Some pool liners last longer than others for a few reasons:

How long does a pool renovation take

6-12-18, what to these numbers have in common? As we keep track of all of our pool renovation projects for over the last 10 years we have found that completion dates generally fall on one of these number of days depending on the complexity of the project. Here are the basic elements that dictate the… Read More»