6 Pool Opening Tips

If you’re a DIY kind of person, awesome! But when it comes to opening your pool, there can always be challenges and at times, it can be a stressful process. Here are a few opening tips and pool supplies to make the pool opening process as easy as possible!

3 Ways The Easter Bunny Will Help You Love Your Pool More

Spring is here and Easter is around the corner. This means lots and lots of chocolate from everyone’s favorite furry, four-legged, long-eared friend… the Easter Bunny. However, did you know that the Easter Bunny can also help you love your pool more? Here are three ways that the Easter Bunny will increase your love for… Read More»

What to do after a pool is opened.

pool opening

I am a good pool owner! My pool is open – I have gotten the winter cover off the pool and gotten the pump running. Now what do I do? “Now what?” is the most common pool opening question in the universe? It is a great question! The starting of the mechanical system is the… Read More»

3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid During a Pool Opening

After attending pool sites for over 30 years and following up after a pool is opened there are a few things that I commonly run into that almost always cause pool owners some type of aggravation. By opening your pool yourself and looking out for these items you may just save yourself a service call… Read More»