Aqua-Tech’s Swimming Pool Maintenance Guide

There’s much more to pool maintenance than a cute guy with a net and an impressive pick up line – or nice abs. Ensuring you stay on top of your pool maintenance is important for many different reasons. Firstly, it improves the life of all the components of the pool and secondly, it keeps a… Read More»

Easy ways to prolong the life of swimming pool heaters

Maintenance with my Chevy Equinox When I bought my 08’ Equinox in 2014 one of the selling features was the fact that it didn’t require an oil change every 5000km, it had a OLM or Oil Life monitor installed in the computer system so on average I was getting 11000 km between oil changes for… Read More»

How Much Are Swimming Pool Maintenance Costs?

Swim Now Pay Later

We want you to enjoy your pool as much as possible and sometimes it may seem that you spend a little more time coming into the store, buying chemicals then you are swimming and enjoying your pool. Lucky for you Aqua-Tech has pool maintenance that comes and checks up on your pool as well as… Read More»

What Can You Expect for Pool Maintenance Costs

During the long awaited hot summer months, having a pool is undoubtedly a luxury and a great source of fun! Many new pool and seasoned pool owners all ask us the same question – what can you expect for pool maintenance costs.

The straight talk on pool care

straight talk on pool care

Some people think that taking care of a swimming pool is time consuming. Some folks have hears that pool maintenance is expensive. Sometime the rumour mill has told us that pools go cloudy, green or unsafe easily. Well, here is the straight talk on pool care – all those things are true – IF you… Read More»

Weekly Pool Care and Maintenance Pricing

pool care checking

There are 2 main components to owning a pool – specialized service (like pool opening, pool closing and repairs) and regular preventative care and maintenance (cleaning the pool, testing and adjusting the chemistry, etc). Many of us have lawn care services or help cleaning our house so we can spend the limited time we have… Read More»

4 reasons why salt pools are special

salt pools are different

WOOHOO! You have a saltwater pool! Congratulations!! Did you know that your pool is very special in terms of care and chemistry? What makes saltwater pool chemicals unique from fresh water supplies? The answer is SCIENCE. Salt pools need to be treated as the unique bodies of water that they are. No magic – just… Read More»

Why some liners last longer than others

tips to make your pool liner last longer

The most costly maintenance a pool needs is to have a new vinyl liner installed. The average life of a pool liner is 5 to 15 years. Why the vast life expectancy range? Some pool liners last longer than others for a few reasons:

Where will hot tub pump parts be in the future?

Today’s hot tub pumps have come a long way from the old 48 frame, heat creating, energy hog design. Pumps today are now running more efficient with the new 56 frame design. They run much cooler and draw less power while not losing torque or RPM’s. They are lasting much longer as they do not generate as much… Read More»