3 Coolest Pool Tools

There are many great pool tools out there that make maintenance fast, easy, and FUN! Aqua-Tech sells some of Winnipeg’s coolest pool supplies. We’ve narrowed it down to the top three coolest pool tools. Now put that old vacuum hose down and lets get to it…

Cleaning of Hot Tub and Spa Filters

hot tub filter cleaning

Did you know that your hot tub and spa filter should be CHEMICALLY cleaned (not just rinsed or hosed off) about once a month? Well, you know now!  The cleaner you keep your spa filter the less chemicals your hot tub will require and the easier and less expensive your spa will be to maintain.

What is the proper pool filter pressure

Pool filter pressue

  What is the proper pressure for my ( Cartridge ) Pool Filter? Determining the correct operating pool filter pressure of a Cartridge Filter requires a recognition that the mean normal changes from time to time. This post will outline the main reasons for change as well as normal operating parameters and remedial measures as… Read More»