How Much Do Swimming Pools Cost Anyway?

Coming up with an answer for this question is like coming up with an answer for how much a house might cost. I’m going to break it down so hopefully it will make sense and you can see how a personal backyard water resort might fit your budget. The range in price for a pool… Read More»

Everything you need to know about indoor pools

Indoor pools offer a great family get together place or easy access to some great exercise!  Especially in Winnipeg when the weather on the other side of the window is -40C an indoor tropical paradise on your side of the window is a unique experience. We have built more indoor pools in Winnipeg than any… Read More»

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Pools in Winnipeg

Have you ever wondered what makes having an indoor pool different from an outdoor pool?  Indoor pools are free from the weather constraints of outdoor pools.  They allow for summer pool fun in every season!  However, the presence of a large body of water inside your home does come with its own set of care… Read More»

Tips For Choosing An Indoor Pool Design

Choosing an indoor pool design requires planning to be sure you’re satisfied with the end result. Aqua-Tech has built more indoor pools in Manitoba than anyone so we hope we can give you some of the advice you’ve been looking for.