3 Coolest Pool Tools

There are many great pool tools out there that make maintenance fast, easy, and FUN! Aqua-Tech sells some of Winnipeg’s coolest pool supplies. We’ve narrowed it down to the top three coolest pool tools. Now put that old vacuum hose down and lets get to it…

Cleaning of Hot Tub and Spa Filters

hot tub filter cleaning

Did you know that your hot tub and spa filter should be CHEMICALLY cleaned (not just rinsed or hosed off) about once a month? Well, you know now!  The cleaner you keep your spa filter the less chemicals your hot tub will require and the easier and less expensive your spa will be to maintain.

Choosing a saltwater pool

Salt water pools are a huge trend in swimming pools these days.  A salt pool looks and feels wonderful.  They are definitely a great choice for folks looking for safe and easy pool care.  When choosing a saltwater pool, there are a few things to consider. Why do you want a saltwater pool? The first… Read More»

4 Fun Facts about Swimming Pool Chemicals

pool care is fun not work

The number one question we are asked every day is about swimming pool chemicals. Their job is to do the fine tuning to help make your pool water safe, look amazing and feel comfortable for you and your family. Investing in quality pool chemicals will extend the life of your pool.   Today we will talk… Read More»