5 Need To Knows When Buying A Hot Tub!

1. Location & Privacy We all need some time to reduce the stress in our lives and what better way than having an outdoor private soak in your own backyard! There’s something about the privacy of your own residence and hot water mixed with looking up at the stars that just works. To make this dream a… Read More»

How Much Do Hot Tubs Cost?

There are three parts to a hot tub cost….. The initial cost, the installation cost and the maintenance cost.     The initial cost will range from $1,000 for a used spa to $20,000 for the most deluxe new hot tub. Consider a used spa if you don’t mind some risk and have the ability… Read More»

What To Ask Your Local Hot Tub Dealer Before Buying

hot tub dealers

When making a major purchase, we tend to ask ourselves if we are making the right choice.  At Aqua-Tech, our Sundance Spa sales experts believe when you are looking for a hot tub you should ask hot tub dealers as many questions as possible.  One of the major questions that should be asked is: will… Read More»