Top 3 Bathroom Colour Trends

At Aqua-Tech we have bathroom specialists who will help you to design your dream bathroom. From tiling to accent pieces, to colours, we do our best to stay up to date on the new styles that are emerging. Here is a list of the Top 3 Bathroom Colour Trends that our specialists are noticing: 1.… Read More»

Beautiful bathroom renovations in Winnipeg!

We specialize in transforming backyards and bathrooms. Often when people look at our gallery of work they say incredulously,  “that’s in Winnipeg?”Check out these local amazing bathrooms all designed and installed by Aqua-tech’s in-house experts…

Four Stylish Ways to De-Clutter Your Bathroom

Four Stylish Ways to De-Clutter Your Bathroom I get it, there are a few people in the home and you’ve all got your own hair products, body washes, and toiletries. Where does it all go? Right now you might have it cluttering your counter, on the floor in the shower, each corner of your tub… Read More»

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Baby, it’s cold outside One of my favorite things to do in the winter is enjoy a long, hot bath. My body can’t handle the cold well and I get chilled to the bone. A nice, long soak in the bathtub is the perfect thing to warm you up and let the days stress melt… Read More»

What’s Listello?

What’s Listello? The possibilities are endless in a bathroom. So many colours, textures and finishes to choose from. One thing I believe can be crucial in adding interest to a bathroom is listello. Now, you’re reading that and probably thinking “What is listello? Well, it’s tile trim, a border, an accent. It can add character… Read More»

Aqua-tech in 30 seconds!

What do Bathroom renovations have to do with pools or hot tubs? To try and explain the connection is best done by a recent TV commercial in the link below.

Check Out Our Bath Showrooms In 2017

In the New Year, we start to see the various “Home Shows” pop up in hopes of drawing folks in to plan for upcoming Renovations. Aqua-Tech has created its own “Home Show” by installing a multitude of Displays, and, some of them actually function! The Showroom at Aqua-Tech has a lot to offer.

Ultimate Guide to En-suite Bathroom Renovations

The en-suite bathroom became very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. Fast forward thirty to forty years later and there are many en-suites that need renovating. Most en-suites had small showers or basic bath tubs if they were standard size rooms. If you had a larger en-suite you probably had a big two person corner tub with jets. Some… Read More»

Reasons To Choose Aqua-Tech For Bathroom Renovations In Winnipeg

If you are looking for a bathroom renovation in Winnipeg, coming to Aqua-Tech is a great place to start.  Our talented and client oriented designers will help you discover exactly what you are looking for.  From the initial plans, to installation, all the way to the final result, we are here every step of the… Read More»