Innovative Design Software

Innovative Design Software At Aqua-Tech, we strive towards innovation. We work with high quality bathroom design and remodeling software to help our clients visualize the sanctuary that their bathroom could be. From 2D floor plans, to 3D renderings, to panoramic viewing, we’re here to help turn your dreams into reality. 2D Floor Plans Accurate measurements on… Read More»

Bathrooms Made Beautiful in Winnipeg!

It’s well documented that the bathroom in a house is one of the most used rooms in any house. With that much use a bathroom will need renovation every 15-20 years on average. The illustrations below are just a small sample of what some Winnipeggers have done to redo their bathrooms and have Aqua-tech make… Read More»

Devil is in the Detail

Devil is in the Detail When people say that the devil in the detail, they mean that small things in plans and schemes that are often overlooked can cause serious problems later on.

Get Inspired With Some Of Our Favourite Bathroom Ideas!

Between the customer and our designers, creativity is continually used to come up with new ideas. This latest job has some interesting aspects to share that you may want to incorporate into your bathroom renovation. This homeowner had three bathrooms in the house and they all needed an update. If your budget can allow, it… Read More»

Discover new basement bathroom ideas

So, what is the difference between designing a basement bathroom vs. a main floor or second floor bathroom? NOTHING! Your basement bathroom deserves attention too. Keep reading to find out the latest trends of basement bathroom designs! 

How to choose between your bathroom tile ideas

Tile is still the number one choice in the bathroom renovation. Yes, there are alternative products but the advancements in tile, tile grout and backer board have kept tile very popular. Plus you can’t beat the aesthetic appeal of tile. In the past some of the backer boards and grouts have led to higher maintenance with tile. When you… Read More»