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Tub reading temp

we have an edison 680 sundance hot tub. The temp is set at 101F but I opened the lid and it says 104 F never seen that before and its minus 25 outside. is this part of the recall?

Replacement of Cover Mate 3 Hot Tub Cover Lifter Shock

One of the most common things to break on your hot tub lifter is the ‘shock’ that assists in making the cover easier to lift. These items are very well made but work very hard. They are also susceptible to wind damage as well as improper cover closing technique. Many folks will reach out to… Read More»

heater isn’t turning on

heater isn’t turning on

Sundance Recall – Temperature Sensor

I just received a notice from Sundance about a potential faulty temp sensor for my model of hottub. Last year about this time we had it serviced because a sensor was faulty. Not sure if this is the same sensor that is being recalled? If you could please confirm. Otherwise, I’d be looking at spring… Read More»

How to care for your hot tub and spa in Canadian Winter

Caring for your how tub in a Canadian Winter can have some challenges but it truly is the BEST time to enjoy a soak. Stars in the sky, cool winter breezes and the therapeutic water washing away the aches and pains after shoveling snow or a round of hockey – there’s nothing better! Here is… Read More»

Hot Tub Errors

Good evening, I shut off the breaker to my hot tub today, and cleaned it as I normally do. When I turned the breaker back on, and the tub started up, it started giving me two errors. The first is that it’s over-temperature and will not run the heater. This doesn’t make sense, as it’s… Read More»

Spa pump

Hi, I have an old 2003 Sundance spa. It has three separate panels on each side of the spa to turn on the jets but none of them turn the jets on. The jets do work when it does each of it’s cycles throughout there day. Could it possibly be a relay? Thanks!

How to change the filter in your 680 Sundance Spa (McKinley®, Ramona®, Edison®, Peyton®, Prado®, Denali®, Tacoma®, Alicia™)

How do you change the filter of your Sundance 680 spa?  Great question!     Need more help?  Reach out to our remote support technicians any time at www.findmyanswers.ca  

How to choose a new pool pump

Pumps sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve as they are one of the biggest energy hogs we have in our house. Lifespan and power consumption are 2 of the biggest factors. Below is a snapshot of the 3 options to choose from and a brief description of each. If you have questions or would… Read More»

Sundance Spa quits after a few seconds, why?

I just changed my circulation pump (housing was cracked and leaking). When I restarted the hot tub, the waterfall ran for a few seconds and then quit. I read one of your posts about possible air lock, so ran my hose in the filter connection for awhile. Then I tried to restart the hot tub,… Read More»

2013 Optima Spa keeps tripping the breaker

optima serial number 00P3LCD-100471873-0913 The smart heater is leaking a tiny bit but would that be what is causing the breaker to flip. I did order the heater but am wondering if I need the high limit sensor and temperature sensor as well. If so what are the part numbers for those parts? This will… Read More»

chemicals for pool

How do I clean the filter for my swim spa? how do I run the filter, the last water analysis has a step where I am to run the filter? The weekly 3 steps for the swim spa is it the same for both the swimming side and the hot tub? When its not in… Read More»

Primary filtration

I have a chelsee model, and was wondering if the circulation pump is the same thing as the primary filtration? On the smart tub app, they only show primary and secondary filtration, and I am trying to understand how this works as I was told in the winter, you want the circulation pump to run… Read More»

Max E Therm 200 Heater

My heater’s temp controls are non-responsive to any input. Is there something I need to do to reset the heater? Thanks,

Jacuzzi Hot tube Filters

Good Morning, I am wondering if you stock or are able to get Jacuzzi Hot tube filters. Please let me know what specs you need and i will send them to you. Best way to contact me is through my email. Thank you

Sundance Spa 880 Optima Clear ray UV system

I replaced my UV bulb, but the Clear Ray UV system doesn’t seem to have any power – neither the red nor green light is on. How do I fix that?

WELCOME To your new Trio System HOT TUB!

Congratulations on your new hot tub! Here are 3 educational how-to videos. Please watch them in order and email us at watertesting@aqua-tech.ca once your new spa and hot tub education is complete 🙂   #1:  Weekly care of your new hot tub #2:  How to read your water test results print out #3:  Top 10… Read More»

How to clean your System 3 Cartridge Filter

Click here for a step by step video on how to open and rinse your System 3 Filter:     Disassembly / Assembly Procedure Before disassembling the filter:: 1) Stop pump 2) Open air release valve 3) Close skimmer valves 4) Wait until all pressure is released from the filter tank and system before loosening… Read More»

Leak in Sundance tub

Hi, my sundance hot tub is not holding water. Seems leak coming from the floor area. How can I tell if issue is with jet or pipe below?

Hot tub panels

Plug and play tub panel is loose,

JBL stereo on Sundance optima

I saw in a forum dated back in 2016, that there was an upgrade path to blue tooth for the stereo system, Since my unit is dead, fuses and voltage are good i figured I would research and replace if something is available.

Hot Tub Temperature

We notice that our Kingston 980 spa (owned for 3 years), will have the temperature drop from 104′ at the beginning to 100′ within about an hour. Is this normal for it to cool down this much and this quickly.

Jacuzzi J245

I have a jacuzzi j245 hot tub that all of the sudden had no heat and an F-1 code. I checked the filter and made sure I had no trapped air. I replaced the pressure switch as well. I can’t get the pumps or anything to come on. Only thing I see on the control… Read More»

Pool plumbing leak

I am looking for a quote and tracing and repairing a suspected leak in the suction side of my pool plumbing. There are fine bubbles showing from the returns and the water level in our 14′ x 28′ rectangular inground pool drops about one inch in five days after which it seems to stop losing… Read More»

leaking pool filter

The pool filter has a large diameter plug at its base that is leaking. Is it possible that all I need is to replace the plug or do I need a service technician? Will I be allowing the sand to drain out if I remove the plug?

Pump priming

My pump won’t prime. The return line is full but the skimmer doesn’t pull. I can draw water with a shop vac but he pump doesn’t pull. I have tightened every connection to the best of my ability. Let me know what to do next.

Supermax vs pump 3 speed

My lowest setting as per Aquatech advice is 1400. Seems like my heater will not function at this low rate. Is that normal? I slowly increased the flow and at about 1550, the heater kicked in. What are your preferred settings in order to maintain heater function?

Opening, Closing, and Drain & Refill Procedures for Pool and Spa

Here are some how-to’s for opening and closing your pool and spa yourself! 🙂 How to Winterize and Close your Pool  – Do it yourself 🙂 for an even more detailed video, check our YouTube link How to Winterize and Close your Hot Tub Using BioGuard Pool & Spa Anti-Freeze This Process is to be… Read More»

How to Treat Algae in a Pool

Listed below are the most effective ways we treat algae in a pool! 🙂 How to Treat Algae Using Burn-Out and Erase How to Treat Algae Using Ultra Shock, Algae Clear 60 and Clear Rebound

How to Treat Metals and Staining in a Pool

Metals in your pool water is an important thing to get under control as soon as possible. All our videos on metal removal and stain identification/removal are listed below 🙂 How to Remove Metals up to 2 PPM How to Remove Metals Over 2 PPM How to Identify Staining in a Pool Using Jack’s Magic… Read More»

How to Treat Cloudy Water in a Pool

When owning a pool, you will come across cloudy water a number of times, but don’t worry! All our remedies are listed below! How to Treat Slightly Cloudy Water with Smart Shock and Polysheen (Can See the Bottom of Both Ends of the Pool, but Just Isn’t Crystal Clear) How to Treat Moderately Cloudy Water… Read More»

Top Ten Pool & Hot tub Tips

Here’s our list of top ten tips for new pool or hot tub owners! 🙂 Water Lab Top Ten Pool Care Tips Water Lab Top Ten Hot Tub Care Tips

Filter Cleaning Procedures for Pool & Hot Tub and Salt Cell Cleaning

Clean filters are key to keeping your pool and hot tub clear and blue. Below are our instructions on how to chemically clean your filters yourself as well as how to clean your salt cell if you have a salt pool! 🙂 How to Chemically Clean your Pool Cartridge Filter Using Filter Brite or Rapid… Read More»

Weekly Care for Hot Tubs

We have a couple of options for weekly care in a hot tub! All of our how-to’s are listed below! 🙂 Hot Tub Weekly Care with TRIO Hot Tub Weekly Care with Spa Lite, Stain & Scale Control and Spa Complete Hot Tub Weekly Care with Mineraluxe Hot Tub Care in the Winter

How to Treat Sanitizer Challenges in Pools and Spas

There are many different ways there could be a sanitizer problem in your pool and spa. Below we’ve listed a few and how to treat them properly! 🙂 Chlorine Demand Trouble Shoot Procedure in Pools As Advised by the Water Lab Removal of Pollen in Pools As Advised by the Water Lab CYA Removal in… Read More»

Above Ground Pool Care

Congratulations on your new above ground pool! Here is how to care for it 🙂 Reach out to us at any time with questions to watercare@aqua-tech.ca or www.finmyanswers.ca

Above Ground Pool Opening: How to

Spring is here and we can hardly wait to get into the pool! If you are looking for the basic steps on how to open your pool, then we have some tips for you!   Feel free to reach our remote support technicians at www.findmyanswers.ca for do it yourself expertise. Happy Swimming!

DIY Pool Opening – the mechanical process

Spring is here and we can hardly wait to get into the pool! If you are looking for the basic steps on how to open your pool, then we have some tips for you!   If you prefer to leave the work to the experts, we can help with that too!  Just email service@aqua-tech.ca to… Read More»

Sundance 880 Optima spa

Water fountain only runs when the main jet pump button is activated and shuts down when a lower jet setting is activated or when Jets are not enabled at all. Is this a circulation pump issue. The hot tub is only a year and a half old. I have tried shutting down the power to… Read More»

Welcome to your new salt water pool!

Congratulations on your new pool! Here are 3 educational how-to videos. Please watch them in order and email us at watertesting@aqua-tech.ca once your new pool education is complete 🙂   #1:  Weekly care of your new pool #2:  How to read your water test results print out #3:  Top 10 pool tips   DON’T FORGET: … Read More»

Jacuzzi j355

Where is the 12v stereo power supply located?

Welcome to your new fresh water swimming pool!

Congratulations on your new pool! Here are 3 educational how-to videos. Please watch them in order and email us at watertesting@aqua-tech.ca once your new pool education is complete 🙂   #1:  Weekly care of your new pool #2:  How to read your water test results print out #3:  Top 10 pool tips     Happy… Read More»

Welcome to your new Mineral Pool!

Congratulations on your new pool! Here are 3 educational how-to videos. Please watch them in order and email us at watertesting@aqua-tech.ca once your new pool education is complete 🙂   #1:  Weekly care of your new chlorine-free pool #2:  How to read your water test results print out #3:  Top 10 pool tips    … Read More»

Cold button

On my legends master spa the top control panel “cold” button is not working. Opening the hot tub this year I noticed my control panel wasn’t working. So I took it apart and found two of the wires had been chewed through. Connected those back up and works great. But the cold button still doesn’t… Read More»

hot tub problems


How to Drain and Refill Your Spa and Hot Tub

Hot tub draining and refilling is the most common care and maintenance item for you to take care of to protect your investment and keep water natural, soft and safe. Draining and refilling every 3 months is the best way to use as little chemicals as possible. Here are some easy steps:   If you… Read More»

Hot Tub Opening Procedure

Opening your hot tub for the season is a great way to start the spring!  Pick at day that is well above zero in temperatures and make sure you start early enough in the day to ensure you have lots of daylight to work in. Here is a step by step video on what to… Read More»

WELCOME To your new Mineraluxe HOT TUB!

Congratulations on your new hot tub! Here are 3 educational how-to videos. Please watch them in order and email us at watertesting@aqua-tech.ca once your new spa and hot tub education is complete 🙂   #1:  Weekly care of your new hot tub #2:  How to read your water test results print out #3:  Top 10… Read More»

Sundance altamar 880 jets pump 2 won’t operate

Sundance altamar 880 jets pump 2 won’t operate, hear click in sentry control box. Pulled pump and took to electric repair shop, they tested it and said it runs like new. All other equipment working fine. Suggestions?

Jacuzzi j470 error

I have a error code low flow switch error. I emptied the tub and refilled it. So the code is still there. Check for air locks etc from everything I read. Also it is not heating up at all.. Also where you put the filter there is a cover that goes up and down in… Read More»

880 series Sundance spa lights

Spa lights, both exterior and interior not turning on

Hot tub heating

My 2005 Sundance Laguna is not heating the water anymore. It has worked flawlessly for 15 years minus some small easy repairs I have done myself. The heating light on the panel lights so I do not think it is the thermostat unless the thermostat can fail and the light still goes on? It is… Read More»

Nagging FL1 after numerous replacements

I have a nagging fl1 code after power flushing changing filters replacing flow switch twice replacing heater replacing pump one am I looking at a control board issue or something else?

Filter upgrade?

I have a 2001 Sundance altamar is it possible to upgrade/ change the filter to use the Micro clean filters?

control panel lighting

Hi I have a 2001 sundance altamar that we just got .my main control panel works fine and lights up at night but the small aux panel (3 buttons) works fine turns bubbles on activates both pumps but does not light up I was just wondering if it was supposed to light up? Thanks

Hot tub

Hello. Despite turning the temperature of our hot tub down we can’t seem to get the temperature we set. We turn it down to 90 degrees but it hovers around 93-94 degrees. Is there a mechanism in place that doesn’t allow the hot tub to go below a certain temp? Thanks!

Sta Rite Heater Problem

Hello. I have a Sta-Rite natural gas heater (not sure if SRC 200,333 or 400) but have recently had an issue. At first, the heater wouldn’t kick in, the blower worked, checked back of panel and AFS light was on. So I cleaned out blower motor and taped up the blue wires, the AFS light… Read More»


The salt output lights are blinking green. They are usually steady. Is this a concern. There seems to be no other problem.

Prowler controler

The controller for our prowler pool vacuum trips the GFI when plugged in. It did get wet recently. Is it repairable or covered by warranty? I was at the store on Saturday hoping to talk to someone but was not able to. The unit is less than 2 months old. Type – Advanced 115, P.… Read More»

Pool Heater

Last night I checked our pool heater and it was working fine and turned it up from 77 to 82. I looked this morning and noticed the service system light is on and it wont work now and the pool has cooled down. Is this typically just the filter needs to be cleaned. If so,… Read More»


I did a burn out treatment for a chlorine demand in my pool which turned it white and now my filters seem to be having a hard time clearing up the pool again as there has been no improvement in 2 days. When I opened the filter egg cartridge the tops of the filters were… Read More»

Pool heater error code

I have had an error code E01 about 3 or 4 times this season. If I turn the heater off and then on, it works again. I would like to know what the error code means

Pentair Ultratemp

Our heat pump was installed a month ago and it is not working. The error message is “high refrig” and “five alarms” we have adequate water flow through the pump. It will turn on for a minute then kicks out and delays for the 3 minutes and tries again. Pump pressure is 12

Hot Tub Insulation

Hot Tub is 15 years old. Wanting to do some insulation maintenance. What type of spray foam insulation should I use to seal up openings and worn out foam?

Keepy Krauly

We have had our pool for 4-5 years now. After around year 2 or 3, we had an issue with the power supply unit of the robotic cleaner and ended up having to buy a new part. We just had our pool opened this morning and I put the unit in the pool to clean… Read More»

Fuse Switch for Heat pump keeps turning off

I’ve owned my heat pump for about 10 years now, but this is the first time I’ve had issues with it. It keeps turning off at the fuse box. This usually happens once per day. It is on it’s own fuse. So when I go to the fuse box and turn it on, it runs… Read More»

Broken lid

My Hamilton 780 hot tub lid has been getting heavier until it finally broke.I was able to get It out and confirmed that it had cracked and broke and now was wondering what to do next? can I replace just the one panel or do I need to replace the whole lid? Thanks in advance

Jet housing

We broke the jet housing trying to remove the jet. Can you price out the replacement parts And labor for this? Please and thanks

New jet

I need to replace a jet in my Sundance caprio. It’s a 90’s model. Don’t have the model number. I was going to take the jet out and come down to the store but I can’t get it out. Is there a trick to removing the jet?

Small leak

5 year old peyton hot tub loosing an inch of water every few days. Located small drip area under one back corner.seems to be wrapped in insuLatin blanket so csnt get at jets. Any tips on locating leak?ie.dye. Can tub be tipped on side to repair if necessary.

Air entering water pump intake

When we start our pump it kicks on high and starts drawing in water. I then open up the air relief valve on top the filter. Soon after water begins to flow through the relief valve so I close it and can see water flowing through the pump. Then, we can wee the skimmer basket… Read More»

No power in jets

Hi, I bought a used 2013 Sundance Edison and most of the jets are broken and fell out. I bought it that way and was wondering if thats the reason why there is barely any pressure on some jets and more pressure on others. Will I get more pressure on the jets when i get… Read More»

Sweat water hottub

Leak around fitting was leaking where smaller hose from hot tub joins with hard abs pipe

Jet related – Chelsea Spa

In the fall I reopened my Chelsea Spa (closed it down in mid July and August – too hot outside) and noticed that one of the Jets no longer controlled the air mix. The Air is always on for that one seat location. The dial seems to do nothing. I brought this up in November… Read More»

Poor jet pressure

Hi, impressed with the help and advice you have offered and hoping you may be able to assist me? I have a passion superior deluxe spa (same as a grizzly spa). It operates with an LX WP300-11 two speed pump motor and a basic Balboa control panel. We have regularly changed the water but not… Read More»

Breaker tripping

What is causing the breaker to trip off on my Altamar hot tub? Does the message “bib” have anything to do with the problem.

Open Flow Switch

its not the water level – I took out the filter and there was a plastic type cover 3/4 over the grey thing with all of the holes in it – I assume something that should have been removed during installation. The filter keeps popping off – if I turn it tighter then we get… Read More»

Object in pipes

The nylon cover that covers the drain at the bottom where the filter is got sucked into the pipe. How can I retrieve it out of the pipe.

Hot Tub Hamilton Settings for winter

As we’re heading into the cold, I want to make sure the menu settings are correct for our Hamilton Spa. These are the settings, please let me know if they should be different: PF – 2Am (it goes off a few times a day, is that okay) SF – Heavy Mode Heat – Auto FC… Read More»

Hot tub heat

Our Chelsea hot tub is not heating. The heater light indicator on the panel is on. The circulating pump is running. The water was at 102 and has now gone down to 85.

Yard lights

We are a new build. Aquatech has already completed our pool closing. I wanted to put on the yard lights last night, which didn’t go on, which I then realized was because the pentair panel is turned off. So does this mean I am unable to use the new installed yard lights during the fall… Read More»

No pressure when running jets in tub

I have a HealthyLiving 7 spa purchased in 2014 from Krevco. My jets on the lounger side stopped running with any pressure to them (they still work, but no pressure). I drained the spa and refilled it, but now ALL the jets in the tub run with no pressure. Is there something I can do… Read More»

Hot Tub use in winter

Good Afternoon, what setting should my (McKinley) Hot tub be set on for winter. We just purchased the tub this summer and wanted to make sure we had the tub set properly for winter use. Thanks Geoff

How to remove the air control knob on a 2001 Sundance Cameo Spa

our 2001 Sundance Cameo has developed a leak in a couple of places – one being under the top rail at one of the air control valves. It appears it’s just a PVC glue joint that has failed which is easy enough but I cannot get the valve out. Trying to see if it unscrews… Read More»


How long for hot tub to connect to cell towers? I’ve installed app. Scanned code. Tub is still not communicating after 1.5hrs

Problem with installation of Light controller DCU 6560-135

Hello, I have bought a DCU light controller for sundance spa part 6560-135 a little less than a year ago (order #100002239) and just got down to installing it. My previous one had transistors burned on it. My hot tub is a Sundance Cameo 2011. The original DCU was different. I believe it was an… Read More»

Hot Tub Drain

How do I drain my hot tub?

Filter nut won’t loosen

I can’t seem to loosen the filter nut to clean the filter. I cleaned the filter once without issue. I must have tightened it a bit too far and now it won’t budge. I don’t want to force it and damage something. Can you please help me with this issue? While waiting for your help… Read More»

Pool Wall Jets

We used the pool vacuum that was plugged into the skinner. After use we unplugged from the skimmer. One of the jets kept bubbling air into the water for a while and then stopped. Checked this morning and no bubbling coming out of jet. Is this just Back Pressure from the connecting and disconnecting of… Read More»

Pumps and not heating

Trying to determine if i need a new circuit board or new pumps. The pumps dont kick in to heat water, the water heat light is on and red on the control panel, but water does not heat up. Also when I press pump 1 I only get 2 speeds not 3. Pump 2 does… Read More»

Air vintake

I am getting bubbles out of the jets and the pump reservoir will not fill completely When I open the valve at the top of the filter bursts of air come out This stops the bubbles at the jets but the pump still does not completely fill


This was submitted on Monday. Told it was lost in the mix. Told to resubmit: “Hi Dave Light Your comment in the Support section was received. Thank you for posting the following question. FILTER PSI READINGS Pool installed last spring 2018. Aqua Tech cleaned water with their filters. Our brand new filters then installed. Initial… Read More»


I already submitted a portal email on Monday to Support and told to resubmit again. “

Pool filter issue?

It seems like my Hayward sand filter works normally, except when I’m cleaning it. When I Backwash it for a couple minutes, it’s ok. Then I rinse it for a minute and it’s ok. Then when I move it back to filter, it spews a little sand out the jet. Looks like I’ve lost a… Read More»

Control Panel Problem

Hi, I have a Sundance Spa Optima (OXO3LCD-100312732-0308). I am having problems with the main control panel, all function buttons work with the exception of the three pump buttons which do not operate. The pumps work fine and cycle correctly when turned with the icons showing in the LCD but the actual pump buttons do… Read More»

Hot tub pump

I have a few questions about my recently obtained pre-owned Krevco SSPA-1 Sunrise HOT TUB. About 17 years old, with limited use. 1. Should the circulation pump be running all of the time? 2. Currently there are always air bubbles in the water being circulated. Is this normal? Or does this indicate an air/plumbing leak?… Read More»

Inlet outlet header

Hi…Just this plug failed on my inlet/outlet header. Please tell me I don’t need a complete unit replace. Pool was installed by Krevco by previous owner but I go through you guys.

Pool Heater

The pool heater when operational makes a high pitched squeal. It takes a while for the heating cycle to start before the sound starts. It also does not occur if only the pool pump is on. What should I check? Thanks

Sundance hot tub

There are two speeds for the jets and only one is working.

pool heater

My Hayward Summit pool heater is showing”LP” . What should I do? It was turned on to heat for the first time yesterday evening. It was rather cool last night so I am wondering if that could be the issue. It was working when turned on but in the am I found the code “LP”.


My pool pump seems to be working fine but is not sucking strong enough through the vacuum hose to clean the debris off the bottom of the pool and I am worried things are not circulating correctly as the debris builds up. I have checked the hose to make sure it is unclogged and felt… Read More»

heat not staying on new 2018 Optima

we just picked up a new 2018 Sundance 880 Optima last week and the first time we used it the temperature started at 105 but dropped to 100 and would not come up any higher – any ideas on how we can maintain a set temp of 104? thanks!

SuperMax VS Pump Settings

What are your recommended speed/duration settings for Speeds 1, 2 and 3 of a SuperMax VS pump. I have an 18×36 pool with a chlorinator. Also, do I need to re-program the pump each year or will it remember the settings while it’s powered off during the winter? Thanks.

Automatic Pool Cover

Just had the pool opened last week and closed the automatic cover. It is a Safe T 3 cover and today when I was opening it up it stopped half way. The motor is not running at all its like there is no power going to it. The switch is on, I checked the breaker… Read More»

Pump and Filter Operation–Sand Filter

Normal Operation Valve on suction is open Dial Valve indicator on filter Pump switch is on Whatever the pressure gauge reads after the filter has been backwashed will be the normal setting for your filter. When the pressure raises 5 lbs. above the normal pressure setting, the filter needs backwashing. Normal Setting: ______________ Backwash Setting:______________… Read More»

Temperature over ride

How do I over ride the temperature Setting so that I can get 105 or 106F?

Sundance Hot tub

My Ozonator light is always on, is this an indication there is a problem? Is there someway of finding out what it could be?

OH code

I bought a plug ‘n play hot tub second hand – a dream maker spa X-400. It keeps overheating with OH code. I had heat sensors checked, changed the filter and it still overheats. The company who tested the heat sensors told me this is normal for a plug ‘n play hot tub to overheat… Read More»

Pool draining

Dawn has an indoor spa and was wondering if she should just drain it for the summer time as it gets really hot in the room where the spa is. She was also wanting additional information on any products that she may need to purchase to do so.

sump pump

1. what should the sump pump be set to in terms of how high the float is? 2. Right now the water comes in to about 6″ and is pumped out right away – is this the correct setting? 3. Is there a benefit to the wear and tear on the pump to allow water… Read More»

watch dog on spa / OH

I had shut down my hot tub last winter as per advice from Cathy from aqua tech now I am wanting to start up. I had filled the tub and started the heater & circ pump at operating fine however I’m guessing it’s a temp sensor of some sort…?? because it states it is OH… Read More»


I have a 2006 Jacuzzi 485. I’m getting a FLo code. I had to replace the circulation pump a couple months ago. Hot tub was working great. Then I get this flo code. I have replaced the filter and flow switch. And still getting the Flo code. If I turn the Circultuon pump off it… Read More»

Hot Tub FL1 Error Code

Hi, I’m getting repeated FL1 error codes on my Hawthorne Sundance hot tub. Sometimes cleared by powering down then up, sometimes cleared by filling the tub to max recommended. When I clear it the hot tub will run until the water is re-heated, then will come back. Can’t find leak in system. How do I… Read More»

Bad Board

I have a 2010 QCA GT-289 hot tub. Pump 1 runs almost continually, and pump 2 does not turn on, though I can hear the relay click when I press the button for it. I’ve plugged pump 2 into pump 1’s spot and it does work. The 20 Amp fuse was blown and I replaced… Read More»

FL1 Code

My Pump 1 and 2 are both working, but still getting the FL1 code and no heat. I tried the hose trick, and some bubbles did come out of the footbed of the spa. Cleaned and removed filter. Tried cutting power from the breaker. Water level is good. At this point do you think it… Read More»

2007 Diamondback Spa

Received FLO error and wasn’t heating after several months working fine following refill. Noticed that Jets 1 aren’t blowing at all however lower larger jet near floor blowing normal when on and now heating. Jets 2 working normal. Ideas on areas to start checking first?

Foaming issues and filtration settings

I’ve tried to fix my foaming issues multiple times with water tests and it isnt helping I end up getting this sticky slim build up on the edges of the tub and I dont know how to prevent it as the chemical balance is fine. Also for filter settings does the tub need to filter… Read More»


Need flow switch asap. Store is closed till jan 2. Where can i get it today or tomorrow?


I have a 2009 Sundance certa that I got with a house, works great except for the lights none of the leds work. The transformer is putting out 13 volts and the dcu lights up. I have unplugged all the lights and tried one by one in different ports with no change. I am thinking… Read More»

hot tub

hottub pumps keeps turning on randomly. i know they are scheduled to turn on 4 times per day but this is happening 20 times an hour with 2 pumps and the blower turning on its in a heated garage 2009 cameo 880 sundance hottub

Balboa VS501Z Control panel installation

Hi there, I’m wondering if this control panel can be installed with either end of the heater hooked up to the pump. My electrical comes in from the opposite side of the opening and it would be easier to turn the controller around for installation. Thanks! -Nigel

FLO flashing

My 1 year old Rotospa was drained for the summer. I had no idea you should not do this. Just filled it today and the Gecko display is flashing FLO. What do I do?

199 SUNDANCE spa optima 850

Replaced old circuit board 6600-028 with new circuit board 6600-730 and now my top control panel shows error code poh. None of the controls work. I replaced my old circuit board because I heard a “click” when I depressed my “jets 2” pump

Water loss + cover

I’m not sure if it has gotten worse but every week I’m having to put about half an inch of water back in the hot tub. This equates to what I would estimate as 40 or so liters of water or 2-3 home depot buckets. I don’t think it’s leaking..I believe it’s just evaporation. I’d… Read More»

ASP 9000

Built in breaker in spa pack doesn’t reset? Is it worn out?

Hot tub cover, speakers and light

1) Hot tub cover: does not seem to completely seal, we have quite a bit of condensation and steam that emits from the sides. 2) The cover seems to have detached, when it is windy we see air under the layer of the cover. 3) One of our lights seems to not completely function. It… Read More»

Draining our Sundance hot tub

We are draining our Sundance hot tub for the winter and just wanted to make sure we did not miss any steps. According to our service manual, it appears that the main white valve on ground facing out from middle front panel is all that needs draining. We did open right front panel and saw… Read More»

Spa and Hot Tub In Distress Service

If your Sundance Spa is not circulating or heating in below zero temperatures, it is in distress. As a temporary measure please attempt to prevent freezing by installing a space heater into the equipment bay of your hot tub. You may then contact the service department during normal business hours. The cost of hot tub… Read More»

LED lights flash, second jet button unresponsive.

I have a Down East Providence II spa. It is a 2005 model. After about 10 minutes of running with the second jet button on the LED lights inside the spa start flashing. I am unable to turn them off and the second jets button also becomes unresponsive. Flipping the breaker is the only way… Read More»

Hot Tub FL error

Maxxus 880 spa (September 2013) displayed FL error and red light came on. Switched out filters, reset breaker, and still having the same problem.

We have a Delta UV system

Recently changed bulb and quartz tube – was working fine – now neither of the lights on the ballast are on and system not working

Spa heating issue (high temperature limit)

Had new spa delivered today by AQT. Concerned temperature is rising too slow and that the high temperature limit is set incorrectly. Should/how do/can it be changed?

Removing cracked quartz tube from pool up system

Tube cracked after installing new bulb – removed bulb but quartz tube is stuck

Flow Switch

Optima 880 Hot Tub light is red. Has a closed flow switch x2 messages: The flow switch is malfuntioning closed. Heater is disables. Contact your authorized dealer or service organization. 2nd message: Closed Flow Switch on Startup Shorted flow switch on system start-up (system disabled). Contact your authorized dealer….. We pulled out the filters and… Read More»

6600-160 control converted to 6600-392

Hello I bought a 6600-892 to install into my 2010 Maxxus 880 from Aqua-Tech. Once installed I am seeing a number of flashing information on the topside, What comes up initially is 8.08 and flashing through with “Standard, “filter symbol”, “Clock of circle symbol”, etc. When flashing stops it goes to a screen that shows… Read More»

Pool light

I have the black box style fibre light, this season the brightness is about half of what it previously was. Is it just a light bulb that needs changing?


is there a pilot light on heater? Gas had to be turned off… Service heater light is on… Is there something we can do to avoid service costs?

Radio will not go off.

My radio will not go off at all. I have a 2014 Dynasty Spa. Can anyone help?

Pump life span

My 8 year old pump is becoming very noisy (whining) and I wonder if it can be fixed or should it be replaced?


My service heater light keeps coming on and off. Occasionally the temp drops and heater won’t start until I turn on/off. What’s the issue? Recently you replaced pump to variable speed which lowers pressure. Does lower pressure affect the heater? Google seems to think so. I’m at work so if I don’t answe please call… Read More»

Jet question

We have a marquis epic 2007 I believe . we just had the motherboard changed last month, now jet 1 barely blows air compared to jet 2 which blows really strong. Even when on high. A dealer changed out the motherboard. What can be causing this, could it be the motor? Though we hear it… Read More»

Pool heater Stopped Working

We have a Pentair Ultratemp Heat Pump. On the message indicator, it says: Alarm Status Low Refrig We are not sure what to do?? Please let us know ASAP since our pool heat is not on at all. Thank you

Hot tub temperature

Red light is on in hot tub. Fairly new filter. Tub recently drained and refilled. Tub not heating up to set temperature at all. Waterfall running. Jets seem to be working. Error message is FLO then the temperature flashing back and forth. Not sure what to do. Thanks.

Aerated pool returns

I seem to be pumping aerated returns into our pool . I assume I’m sucking air from some place on the suction side. Just wondering were I should look first ? Pump basket o-ring maybe ?

Spa motor overheating?

We have an older pillar spa with fuel pumps. The pump operating the volcano jet works fine. The circula Ion and jet pump is having issues. It turns on and does it filtration cycles without fail but when you call for the jets the pump will turn off after about 5 minutes and will not… Read More»

service light heater sta-rite max-e-200

Water level dropped below skimmer while away. Added water but now heater will not start and service heater light is on

Starite Pool heater Max-E-Therm 200

Heater is at 82F & is turning on and off every min or so. when the power is turned off & on it looks like a code o88 then r3 it fires up runs for a few min then shuts off. lifting the control board off and looking under there is NO lights on for… Read More»

Hot tub error

I have a sundance 680 series and ive had issues with the hot tub getting the oh error from heating up with the cover on and dont know how to keep it cool. Also i just had a fl2 flow error so i tried cleaning my filter and then after turning off the breaker the… Read More»

Hot Tub Heating Issue

Purchased hot tub from AQT, installed Friday, July 13th. Has temperature set for the 90 degree range, but hot tub at 102 degrees. Turned the breaker on and off to see if that would help.

Hot Tub FL1 error

680 Hawthorne (installed Sept 25th, 2012) displaying FL1 error every few days. Have replaced filters and water level is good.

Hot Tub Errors

I purchased a new heater/ control pack from you, I gave you the model number and you configured the new pack to the proper settings so it should work when installed. I have installed it and 2 of the 3 pumps do not work and I get error codes that make no sense to me.… Read More»

Sundance Spa malfunction

AquaTech closed last year (at Victoria Beach ). We couldn’t open the spa until Sunday July 1. All works as it should except for the bank of 12 jets in left far corner from the controls. The rest of the left side works as it should. Is there something I can do to fix this?

Pool sand filter

Can you please call me 204-637-3180 My sand filter seems to need backwashing far more often than is recommended. Thanks


I have a 2006 Sundance Marin hot tub. When we have a Hydro power bump the waterfall shuts off. With the power back on and you hit the “Select” button once the waterfall will come on and run for a period of time. It will stop running at some point (we haven’t sat there to… Read More»

How to operate your Super Max variable speed pool pump

  Quick Tips: Speed 1) we have set this speed to run from 8am to 8pm at 2200 rpm. This runs the filter pressure at about 10 psi. Speed 2) this is set to run from 8pm to 8am at 1400 rpm. This runs the filter pressure at about 5 psi. Speed 3) this is… Read More»

How to operate your IntelliPro i1 pool pump

Intellipro i1 pump how to operate   Quick Tips: Speed 1) we have set this speed to run from 8am to 8pm at 2200 rpm. This runs the filter pressure at about 10 psi. Speed 2) this is set to run from 8pm to 8am at 1400 rpm. This runs the filter pressure at about… Read More»

sweet water hot tub fl1 problem

I have a sweetwater cayman hot tub fl1 error. I had cleaned and drained the tub and the filter, recently changed the flow switch and circulation pump. The error comes on when I place the filter on. When the filter is off there is no error. I switched to another clean filter and get the… Read More»

Help fill

How do I fill the egg looking thing after I had air in the pipes

Pump work fine but when i vaccum and it stop running so struggle with this

Wonder if someone can come my place to check to find out what is wrong please contact me and before someone come Thanks Ken Bomak

PVC to semi-flexible pipe leak

What is the best sealant to use when a pipe fitting cannot be replaced? I have a leaky fitting between a semi-flexible pipe going into a PVC elbow that goes into a valve that has no room for the elbow to be replaced and need to seal the leak in place.

Raypay 156a heater hi limit 2 fault

I am getting a high limit 2 fault code on my heater. The water flow is good and the hi limits are fine. What else could it be? the tech said maybe the pc board. But the unit turns on fine.

Sundance spa circuit board

Hy , I juste install the universal circuit board (sundance board 6600-180 ) that I bought from you on Amazone and thé control panel code “21 A” . Is there a set up To inisialize the card ?


Hope your having a great spring! Quick question about our tub: The tub jets/motor seems to run automatically at different times when not using. Haven’t noticed this before. Also our flow light is not in sequence with the rest of the lights….when lights are blue, its red. And after tonight’s use the lights stopped completely.… Read More»

Gecko Hot tub pump

bought a Gecko pump through you guys in March (Amazon). installed it this weekend. low speed works fine but when it shifts to high speed it makes a loud noise and kicks off. (pls see video) On initial start up it blew the pump fuse.

Changing pool filter / 5 alarm status

Our pool heater was giving us the 5 alarm status this morning. We changed the pool filters at lunch. While changing the filters, we followed the instructions as always but when it came time to release the pressure from the top of the “egg”, nothing came out. No sound. We went ahead and changed the… Read More»

Hot Spot TX 2012 Spa has a – – – – message.

How can I remedy a a – – – – message on my 2012 Hot Spot TX 2012 hot tub.

Draining pool

How so we drain the pool of excess water using run off and how do I put all the valves

Pump and pressure

Every time we turn off pump and clean then turn back on there is no pressure. What are we doing wrong

Heater Max e therm 333

I have a Max E Therm 333. It was working fine and the propane ran out. We are heating a pool only, not a spa. We have been using pool mode like normal, but now after getting the propane filled again when I select Pool On, it reads the water temp correctly, but if I… Read More»

Pool Heater not heating as quick as previous years

Pool Heater not heating as quick as previous years

FLO flashing message

I have a 2002 Sundance Cameo in which the FLO message is appearing but only when I turn the pump on. One pump is out and has been ordered. Could this be the cause of this message or should I keep trying to figure this out before the new pump gets here and I unstall… Read More»

Heater problem

Tried turning on my heater and the following two messages came up: Fault Check IGN control Fault Fuselink/field Fuse link has been replaced however the messages are still coming up. Upon inspection, my husband found a broken wire to the flame sensor. We would like a second opinion on what needs to be fixed/replace. Please… Read More»

Vs pump setting

I HAVe a new vs pump and need to know what speeds each of the 4 setting should be

Jet 2 not working

Just replaced control panel on my hot tub. Jet one working but jet 2 which controls the other side of tub and falls there’s nothing. The display says it’s on. Everything is open, pushed water with a hose to check for air and still nothing. The control is an mx770. It’s an elite spa made… Read More»

Pump not drawing as much water as it used to.

My pump works and water comes out of SOME of the jets (but not at high pressure), but no water is being sucked into the main inlet, which is at the top of the water level in the hot tub.

Hot Tub Control Panel / Heating issue

i, We recently had someone out to service our hot tub and replace a pump seal and open our tub for the season. Since we opened the tub it has overheated 3 times (We have an Aeware by Gecko Keypad K450 and it has displayed HL on the display). Each time it has done this… Read More»

Heater Release valve

It is leaking. Is there a fix? Do you have replacement part if needed

FLO error on Jacuzzi Spa

Just moved in to a house this winter with a Jacuzzi Spa. I emptied it and cleaned it this spring. After refilling it I keep getting a flashing FLO error on the control panel and it does not heat up to the set temperature. The jets are working so I don’t think it is an… Read More»

Pump and Filter Operation—System 3

TO CLEAN PUMP BASKET 1. Turn heater off and wait 20 minutes 2. Turn pump off 3. Remove pump lid 4. Clean basket and replace 5. Replace pump lid 6. Open filter air relief 7. Start pump 8. Close air relief after there is a stream of water TO VACUUM POOL 1. Attach vacuum handle… Read More»


I’ve tried everything I can think of to no avail. Stereo worked PERFECT and next day I cleaned filter and spa. (Turned power off at main). Then after turning power BACK on……..all jets everything working AOK but NO STEREO. The spa is a 2012 880 Optima. I have attached pictures. I’m not getting any power… Read More»

Pool pump

Hi, I’m having trouble with my pool pump / filter housing. I’ve primed the pump and started everything up. When I get water flowing from the filter housing sir discharge valve I close it up….what happens next is air fills the pump and it doesn’t continue pumping water. No idea what’s causing this or how… Read More»

Pump Noise

Hi, i opened my pool as I usually do and when I started the pump it was making more noise than usual. It seems to be pumping fine and the pressure is okay. I have not seen any evidence of any leaks from the pump. Rather than the low hum it normally makes it sounds… Read More»

FL error on hot tub

Hot tub displaying FL error sporadically. When error code displaying, hot tub stops circulating and heat drops. Have 2 sets of filters, and filters were last cleaned 2 weeks ago. Aqua-tech looked at hot tub fall 2017 for same issue and couldn’t find problem.

DIY Pool Opening Procedures

RAISE THE WATER LEVEL Fill water under pool cover to level where the melted snow and debris is almost to the top of the pool. This keeps the pool structure more stable and assists in preventing “floating” liners. PUMP & SCOOP WINTER DEBRIS AND WATER Using a net, scoop out any debris that has fallen… Read More»

Hot tub circulation pump keeps shutting off

2004 Sweetwater Bahia model: Heater wiring on circuit board burnt. Drained spa. Received updated / replacement part numbers from Sundance. Replaced circuit board and heater unit. Refilled spa. FL2 on panel kept coming on and shutting off circ pump / heater. Called Sundance, told to replace flow switch. Replaced flow switch. Everything works fine for… Read More»

Prowler 820

The prowler cable that connects to the prowler power supply ours only has 3 Silver metal prongs but the power supple has 4 holes. Is it suppose to have 4 Silver metal prongs?? We just had our pool installed so never noticed last year as Aquatech crew assembled it It was missing a wheel so… Read More»

Air diverter

Sundance Edison hot tub Working on this hot tub, I pushed the ball for the air diverter down into the tube. Can this be fixed or do I need new parts?

UV Light Issues?

Hi I have a uv unit with my aqua tech pool equipment. Tonite i noted that the bulb went out and the red LED light on the ballast went on. The bulb then would go on and off. Does this mean that I need a new bulb(which I’m due to replace anyways) or could it… Read More»

how to change sand in cristal flo filter

the top of my filter is off but i can’t scoop our the sand – what do i do?

my topside control is showing a message Fd00

I have a barefoot spa m class spa pack, gecko topside. My topside control has stop working. when I let it set over night it starts to working again, but now error message Fd00 and 3 dots flashing 4 times.

Hot tub breaker

Hello. I went to turn on Sundance hot tub and the breaker switches off within a couple seconds on the tub. What is most likely cause? Can I diagnose by opening panel? Thanks.

Problem solving

I am thinking of purchising a used AQUAREST plug and play hot tub. The gentleman claims that there is a possible electrical problem. He states that you plug it in, and it shuts off after 1-2 hours. He states that there is a security plug on the unit, and he has no idea why it… Read More»

How to Drain and Refill your Spa

It is recommended to drain and refill your hot tub approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. This will ensure to save you time and money by lowering your chemical cost and maintenance required. Please follow the steps below to drain and refill your hot tub. Remember all hot tubs are different and this is just… Read More»

Sundanice hot tub

Was blowing breaker. Resetc then again in 3 weeks.reset then again in 1 week.reset then 3 days.this was as temp got colder last fall.heater coil measures 10.5 ohms.looks ok too.tks dan

Sundance Marin 880

We have a Sundance Marin 880 and restarted it now after winter. But now it is not possible to set time and temperature. Everything else is working fine. Any ideas?

Bullfrog hot tub

I have a bullfrog model 451 Hot tub .And my high speed jets aren’t working.when you hit the button to turn them on you hear a Clicking sound like they want to turn on but they don’t.I believe I only have one pump for everything but the hotbed circulates and filters fine .and the heater… Read More»

Flo display/ fusees blowing

Why is my 30 amp fuse blowing


I drained, cleaned, and refilled tub. Now I have half of the tub jets, the side away from the control panel, on the filtration side, not coming on. The other side works great. Also, noticed the heat light isn’t lit. I would think it would also have to start heating since it is set for… Read More»

Start up

My hot tub sat 2 years. When I put power to it it buzzes and stops. Sounds like the Moyer is froze up. How do I unfreeze it

Hot says it’s too hot

Got an oh error. The a – – – error. Circulating pump not going. No red indicator light for the heater. Turned off hot tub for 20 minutes then turned back on. Jets went but problem persists. Temperature is only at 64 degrees.

Spa electrical

I have a Sundance 880 with the JBL deck. The deck is dead and half the lights on the tub don’t work. Everything else is fine. Any suggestions??

spa not heating

I have a 2016 Sundance Optima (no stereo), Serial#100597217 that is not heating past 80 degrees. In the settings and information screen it says the high limit is set to 80 and that seems to me what may be wrong. How can i edit this setting and does that sound like the problem? The heater… Read More»

Circulation pump

changed my filter yesterday and turned off the power first. Turned power back on and no circulating pump. Was told it should restart at midnight. It didn’t and it’s starting to cool down. Could someone call me please

error codes not in manual

the red light is on to my 2013 Aspen and it is showing the following error codes that are not in the manual: SA4A F08F the spa is not heating please phone me at 204-523-7822 thank you!

Hot Tub

Hot tub is hot but will not circulate. Is it frozen underneath or just a poun=mp question.

FL1 error code

We have a Sundance Hawthrone 680 series. I think it’s a 2011 or 2012 model. We have been having some trouble with our hot tub. Every couple of days it seems to give us an error code FL1 and begins losing heat. Pump 1 will no longer work, only pump 2 will circulate. This will… Read More»

Flashing display screen

The display seems to flash in order 4-0-1 one number at a time, our temperature we have it set at 104 over and over again. The hot tub seems to be functioning properly, the water is heated and both sets of jets work. I took a video of the error code but it won’t let… Read More»

Sundance Maxxus No Control

I am having trouble with a 2008 Sundance Maxxus. It sat empty through the summer. After refilling and turning on the power, strange things happen. Sometimes the pumps will start running after a few seconds. Other times the pumps will “try” to start over and over again as if the power is being turned on… Read More»

ASP 9000 Not Heating

Hi, last month I just bought a house which came with a hot tub and an older asp 9000 unit. The hot tub was running fine at 104 degrees but adjusting the knob in any direction brought the temperature down to 92-96 degrees and it was difficult finding that “sweet spot” again. Being that it… Read More»

flashing BLB on display

Hello i have a 2005/6 Sundance Cameo and am seeing a BLB message on the display. We chose to go with an ozonator instead of UV so i’m not sure what the message is indicating. Help please and thank you.


my tub was winterized but the top blew open during the night in the rain, now I have some water sitting in the bottom of the spa, can I just suck it out with a vacuum and do I add more antigel?

Error Message FL1

I have a 680 series Ramona with the FL1 error showing. I checked the manual and followed all directions to a “T” (page 44, 13.3) I am still getting the error code. The spa is only 4 months old and used less than a 2 dozen times. I purchased the spa at Country Comfort in… Read More»

Winter Spa and Hot Tub Operation

Enjoying your hot tub through the winter months will bring many family memories, please remember that there are some additional considerations for taking care of your hot tub during the “freeze months” in order to properly care for your investment.

ASP 9000

Hi, I have an issue when I hooked up the control box to an old ASP 9000 unit the GFI breaker trips once the toggle switch is turned on. Diagnosing the problem I found that the When I remove the power wire from the electronic thermostat the breaker no longer trips. I did try just… Read More»

control panel problem

control panel is reading 6.8.8 please help

Sentry 750 Command Center

Sentry 750 Command Center 2 pump Time, Filter, Cooler, Warmer buttons not working. Jets, Air, and Light buttons normal. Spa heats to 79 degrees but we can not adjust temp up from that.

FL 1 error

Fl1 error on Sundance Palermo spa. Tried to run without filter. Changed flow switch. The most encouragement came when trying to purge air bubbles with hose. The temp light would light for a brief moment and then go out again with same error. Continued to try thinking if we do this long enough it will… Read More»

Hot tub heating

Hi, we recently bought a house and it has an indoor hot tub. We cleaned it, filled it and added the soft soak package from you guys. It works fine for about 12 hours and then it stops heating. The light on the panel says the heat is on but the temp keeps dropping slowly.… Read More»

Can you get this in for me?

I need a weir door for my skimmer. Dimensions are in picture.

Hot tub pressure

If a pressure switch does not work or heater element is bad, wouldn’t that restrict water flow to circulation pump

Control Panel no power, tripping breaker

I have a Sundance Cameo 880 series, I had a watchdog error, turned out to be the temp sensor (replaced) worked for a few weeks, then started tripping main breaker, disconnected heater and breaker no longer tripped, but display/control panel does not light or work. Don’t want to replace heater for a couple hundred $$… Read More»

Hot Tub Waterfall Light Issue

Just bought my hot tub and loving it, but noticed in the last couple of weeks my Waterfall light wouldn’t change on the left hand side, if would stay red, almost like one led bulb wouldn’t cycle through the colours, it was working fine before but within the last two weeks it’s been getting worse… Read More»

Waterfall pipe leak

What should I use to seal up a waterfall pipe leak? (located behind the waterfall)

Pool Heater

I’m getting an error on my heater “EO5” If I shut the Heater off and turn it back on the heater works. The error message usually appears when I turn on the Spa through my mobile app. and if I then go to the Heater Unit and shut it off and then push the “Spa… Read More»

Hot tub jets

How do I remove the hot tub jets

Bluewave speaker wiring

Rear speakers have low volume and can not be adjusted. All setting are normal (Balance and Fade). Can you tell me how these speakers are wired? I removed the stereo and found the wiring drawing pasted to the amp, but it doesn’t seem to match reality. What can I look for when rear speakers, all… Read More»

Pool Cover Myths Debunked

Download now! Pool Cover Myths – Busted

Jandy pool heater h2o sensor fault

Please advise me on how to fix this fault error. I had my pool heat shut off for a week. Now the pool temp reads 117 degrees..which is impossible!

Hot tub

Our hot tub light is red and has a error code on the display of 61b? Is this something we can fix ourselves?

Sundance Spa Filter/Circulation Pump Settings

Hi, I have a Sundance Spa 880 Series at my new residence and I am wondering what the recommended setting is for the filter/circuation pump. Currently it is set on “Standard Mode” and continuously runs. In my previous residence I had an Arctic Spa that was set to circulate intermittently. I have the manual and… Read More»

Hot tub part

I want to replace the round cover for my spa’s filters.

Tub won’t run

I have Marin tub, wouldn’t run, error code, you only get a split second to read it. SN3. I replaced the heater 6500-310, high temp sensor 6600-168, temp sensor 6600-168 and the filter. Turn on the breaker, circ pump runs for 10 sec and ICE pops up and shuts down —-. Now nothing on restarts,… Read More»

Hot Tub heater

In response to your reply on June 14 re Chelsea hot tub: How do I know if it the PWA is set up for 60amp logic? How do I do the temp override?

Hot tub heat.

I have a Chelsea hot tub. I have found in the winter that the tub cannot maintain heat in cooler weather – temperature will drop 2-3 degrees while in use. I checked the temperature in the filter well with a thermometer and the temperature reading was 2 degrees higher than the temperature on the control… Read More»

Pentair heatpump

My unit turn keeps turning off I flip the breaker back to on , then unit powers up , then checks the temp, fan starts up then immediately powers off and trips the breaker again

pool water pump

Our pool water pump was making more noise than usual upon start up this season. It was suggested that we see is the noise lessens with use. It has not. Today, our slide water was not running with the same pressure it had earlier in the season. These two issues may not be related but… Read More»

sundance altamar 880 replacement topside control no power

MHello, I have a 2010 Sundance Altamar 880. Okay, so here is the short version of a long story… a couple years ago the topside control panel fried from improper ventilation, and at the time we couldn’t really afford to have it replaced so we wired each of the pumps and the heater to its… Read More»

re initiating pump

I stopped my pump to clean out my sand filter (and I expect is lost prime). I have now put the filter back together and restarted the pump but it has not yet been able to draw water. I have automation and it is ‘on’ – so it tries from time to time – but… Read More»

Pool heater

My pool heater starts and then stops after a few seconds, message E05 comes up on digital screen where temp should be

pro 3 tect

how can i tell if my new optima delivered today had the pro 3 tect installed? is there an indicator light?

Hot Tub leaking

I filled up my tub last night and this morning almost have the water was missing. I had not put in the filter yet and was wondering if that could be the reason for the missing water? I did check around the tub to see if it was wet but have not yet open the… Read More»

Cannot tighten connector at the sand filter

I can’t tighten the connection at the filter (inlet side from pump). Nothing at the store fits. Is there a split ring that fits, assuming it’s female fitting that’s the problem. Kathy suggested contacting service and sending a photo. Please advise Regards Doug Phone: 204-688-6057

Heater code

I turned on my heater last night and the heater light is on saying it is heating, I can feel the heat, but when I try to adjust the heat up or down button it will not allow me because it is locked in at code Ad. Suggestions??

Pentair Heat Pump

I have an alarm on my Pentair Heat Pump that say “5 Alarms”. What is the nature of that message? Also, the heat pump got my pool warmed up earlier this season but last weekend it was going through its start up cycle and then turning off after 30 seconds each time it started up.… Read More»


I need the wiring diagram for a 2009 cameo spa for the sensors. I removed and rewired the sensors after replacement of the thermocouple. Can this be emailed to me?

Heater on pool

We have just opened our pool and we have a heart pump and not heating up the pool. No heat coming out of jets in pool even though temp set at 90 degrees. Tried doing a hard reset by turning off the breaker on the panel and waiting a minute and turning back on and… Read More»

Sun dance heater pressure sensor

A part of the pressure sensor is off will that cause it to malfunction is there a temporary bipass to make the heater turn on


I am getting 120V at the connection for the heater for a 240V rated heater. I have checked the fuses. I am also getting a FLO code. I have a in.xe spa pack. Should the spa pack be replaced. I am reading about 40 ohms on the 4kw heater.

Hot not heating

recently replaced my heater( part#6500-402) on my Bahia 2003 model hot tub. Prior to this, breaker was Tripping. Now No longer tripping. Problem is after filling it up with water and turning it on first was the code FL 1 and it cleared on its own after about 10min or less. Started flashing ICE 47… Read More»

My salt cell is blinking inspect cell

The salt level is good, water temperature is 77, cleaned the cell last night for 30 mins doesn’t seem dirty. It’s our fourth year with this pool and equipment

Hot tub-breaker shutting off

Refilled hot tub yesterday and can’t restart. Breaker keeps shutting off. The display message says ICE and 48. Stays on for about 10 seconds then shuts off. Any suggestions before I book a service call??


pool heater is showing 126 not heating i turned power off for 45 minutes to re boot problem persists skimmer clean pump basket clean

Spa sundance no lights

It is à 2012 sundance spa bought it used and the Lights dont work,nothing comes on when I press the control.tested the fuses ok.there is 12v gong to the Rosstech module.Do you have an idea on how to test the control board or the module?

Hot Tub

I have a Sunrise hot tub that is approx. 15 years old and have been pretty reliable. But now my main breaker in the house keeps tripping. Opened up the control panel and no moisture in it. I’m pretty sure I may need service unless you have any ideas. If someone can give me a… Read More»

Salt cell

I constantly blow a fuse every time I go to plug in my pentair intellichlor IC 40 salt cell. Do I need a new cell? And if yes, why would it only last 2 years?

Hot tub heating

I have a 2000 Sundance Portofino. I replaced the heating element and plugged the hot tub in. The indicator light for the heater didnt light up. And I can hear a periodic clicking noise coming from the control box. Can you help with this problem?

spa heater

During the winter I had concerns about my heater not being able to hold temp or rise while on constantly for 40-60 min. I verified that the temp on the control panel was an accurate reading with both a digital and mercury thermometer. 97 – 102 were all accurate readings. When it was 60 F… Read More»

Spa heat

During the winter I had concerns about my heater not being able to hold temp or rise while on constantly for 40-60 min. I verified that the temp on the control panel was an accurate reading with both a digital and mercury thermometer. 97 – 102 were all accurate readings. When it was 60 F… Read More»

I bought a used hot tub sundance 780 chelsee model , year 2010? only 2 jets work when jet pump one runs, should they all work? pump 2 runs but I see no diffrence still only 2 jets work

I bought a used hot tub sundance 780 chelsee model , year 2010? only 2 jets work the one farthest away from control panel when jet pump one runs, should they all work off of pump 1 ? pump 2 runs but I see no difference still only 2 jets work pump2 has issues may… Read More»

Startup Issue

I am not getting any flow thru my heater. Pump primes, water fills the filter, and passes through my UV light. I am only giving a low flow rate through the discharge on the heater. Please help

Hot tub behaviour

Our hot tub (sundance peyton) is doing 2 things. 1. When running there is a clicking noise (not the loudest thing in the world) coming from around the front. This has been happening I think since we inherited this hot tub from the previous owners of the house 2. When starting the pumps the jets… Read More»

2012 880 Optima Multi Colour LED light

Half of the hot tub’s lights would not turn off or change colour when that option was selected. Now none of the lights are coming on at all and we do not know where to begin to troubleshoot the problem. There is no information in the owner’s manual.

Hi limit sensor

We have a spa and the display is showing 42 degrees and the OH code. We need to know which part we need to replace.


Receiving error code OH on 2009 Sundance Certa – then flips to – – – watch dog mode. Tub thinks water is too hot, but water is actually cold. ?? thermostat Coming to Winnipeg March 7-8/17 and hoping to pick up parts needed then, if required.

Hot tub control pad

We have a Cameo hot tub, purchased 2013. We replaced the UV Bulb but are unable to reset the timer because nothing happens when pressing the set button. We also experienced the same issue with the lights button. We have turned the breaker off and on a few times to see if it would reset… Read More»

hot tub water is warmer than display says

IWe have a Chelsee hot tub from 2010. The spa temperature is set to and reading 90 degrees on the display but our thermometer says 115 and the water is very hot. What can we do?

Hot tub has FL1 flashing code

Tub was working fine, drained and cleaned, refilled, now FL1 is flashing on control panel and won’t heat. Tried towel and hose trick several times. While hose is pushing water through low speed pump kicks on but code still flashes and won’t heat. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time and trouble!

Spa footwell light not functioning.

have a 2012 Sundance Capri who’s footwell light gave out. replaced the light and still does not work. What could be the problem?

Control Panel flasing code

We recently started seeing either 616 (or possible b1b) flashing on the control panel of our Sweetwater (Bahia) Spa. Do you know what this means? Thanks. Ken

Change from Celsius to Fahrenheit

I have a 2005 Sundance Cayman 780 series. Just replaced the Circuit board. Everything working great now but the temperature is displaying in Celsius. Can it be changed to Fahrenheit?

Sundance Spa hot heating

My spa isn’t heating. All other functions seems to work. No error codes on panel after I reboot. Temp light is on. Panel message is simply ‘Ice”. I measured a voltage on ‘Heater’ out terminals. I’m wondering what component has failed. Heater gone?


Sun dance Optima, heater will not go above 77 degrees, it is not in economy mode, filter is clean, have good water flow.

Hot tub jets

MThe jets on the hot tub are running constantly but there are no warning signs on the menue. What should I do?

Lighting spa

My blue lighting controller on my cameo has lost 1 of the lighting banks. Id like a part number for replacement and a possible reason the bank went. The unit is a 2010 cameo. S# 0xc3lcd-100372251-0510.

2004 sundance marin

Firstly, I have a top notch plumber/electrician(combined) who has been installing the parts and trouble shooting the issues with our hot tub. In 2009 we had this hot tube fixed at your shop at a considerable cost and then it was mothballed until this fall when we connected it. Upon startup the circulation pump failed… Read More»

Cameo lighting

Some of my cameo lighting has stopped working. I traced it back to just one of the zones on the control board not sending power anymore. I believe I’ll need a new board. I would like to know if you think a faulty led could short out that zone of lighting or what could cause… Read More»

Flo Symbol

I have already reset my hot tub, removed filter let sit for 20 minutes still says ” Flo ” and the temp only heats up to 30 degrees when its set at 38. Not sure if there is an air lock or I need to replace flow sensor. what should be my next step.

Control panel

I have a 2006 Bahia spa that the control panel started flashing odd digits and after a day went blank and the buttons would not work. The heater and the pump still stayed on. Do I need a new control panel or is there more of a problem. Mother board?

Weir door sticks in up position

when my jets pumps come on (2012 Sundance Optima) the weir door sticks in the up position causing the pumps to starve for water. I did a fresh fill and cleaned everything very well with no change

Portable heater inside equipment area

Can you put a heater inside the equipment area of your hot tub incase you loose power in the winter, and if so what type would you recommend? Thanks John

flashing flo error on Sundance Optima

Please contact me as quickly as possible – i have 40 people coming tonight and need to fix the flow error. I have tried to remove the filter and reset the breaker with no change

Setting Up WiFi

The app asks for a UID # and we cannot find it.

GFCI keeps tripping on 2016 Edison

My new Edison tub’s GFCI keeps tripping. i connected it 4 days ago and has been fine until now. where do i start?


I just purchased an Edison hot tub and am in the process of wiring it. In the control box, there are only 2 termination lugs for each 120v source and a bonding lug. Where does the neutral terminate?is it strictly a 240v tub? do I abandon the neutral at the control box and the GFI… Read More»

2015 Optima is flashing Flo/102/Flo

Our spa was flashing flo when we drained it a month ago. We refilled it yesterday and it flashes Flo/102/Flo just when the jet pumps are running. Please call to help. I spoke to John yesterday and he walked me through troubleshooting but it has not helped

Maintaining heat

I have a 2004 sundance/sweetwater hot tub. I have just replaced the temp sensor as the tub was reading 106 to 108 degrees and was actually like 75. I put the new temp sensor in and it started to work and read the temp as it should. It went from 65 to about 90 with… Read More»

Replacing Accusage Seat jet housing

I have a cracked housing on a Accusage seat jet housing and would like to know how to properly remove the old housing. Do I have to remove the oscillating nozzle first. If I do how do I and do I require any special tools.

Stain and Scale Control

I have a sundance peyton hot tub that I’m pretty new to. I want to use this spaguard stain and scale control. It says that I need to have the pumps on for 8 hours after I use it. This seems odd. How do I even get the pumps to stay on past 20 minutes?

Looking for a Spa model# or type

I have a spa that was purchased at the Regent Aquatech in 1999. It has a 1997 date on it, was a floor model and didn’t come with a manual. I’m trying to replace some jets and the pillows, and I’m trying to find what type of spa it would have been. It has the… Read More»

How do i use Trio?

Trio is the newest, easiest and most economical method to maintain 12 weeks of soft, clean and clear spa water.  Here is how us use the Trio spa water care system


The hopper where I put the chlorine pucks is leaking. It is tightened as tight as it goes but water is still leaking out. It is lowering the water level and now I have the error message low pressure. How do I stop the leak?

Pool closing

How much anti-freeze should I pour into each line?

starite heater problem

The display on my starite (max e therm) reads 84 (temp is set for 84); however, the actual temperature of the pool is 92 ie. heater is not shutting off at the set temp. Is this a thermistor problem?

Easy Touch automation connection with the heater (pool versus overflow spa)

I spoke with John in service and he suggested i send this question via this online cue for guidance. We had the EasyTouch Automation system which controls our Sta-rite Max E-therm 200 Heater. Most years the two work very well together; however, this season plus once previously, there has been a ‘glitch’ between heating the… Read More»

Hot tub

Is chlorine better to use than bromine

Sundance Part #

What is the correct part # for a Sundance 2007 Capri Clear ray bulb?

Jet replacements

The jets in the spa are functioning however the silver/grey outer covers have worn thin and are falling off on the Sundance Spa. Can this outer ring be replaced or does the whole jet system assembly need replacement?

Light controller

New controller won’t work: My old controller that only controlled about 1/2 the lights in the spa has a part number of 6560-134. The replacement controller had the same part number with some extra ID. (Rev 1.1 and Rosstech DCU706). When I installed the new controller, no lights came on. I rechecked all the connections… Read More»

Hot Tub Leak

Hi, I have a 2005 Maxxus. A technician came out to look at my hot tub on wednesday but unfortunately nothing could be done at the time. I continued to dig through the foam and have located the leak. It seems to be coming out from a fitting right at the tub. It is at… Read More»

Error code on hot tub

I have a 2004 Sundance Optima and after getting it up and running after it was idle for several years, I ran the pumps overnight and it displayed a weird error code. I recently put in all new filters, changed the flo sensor, and had to change my main breaker feeding the hot tub. It… Read More»

Heat not working in pool

Hi we have our temperature set to 84 on the pool and it is not maintaining that temperature currently at 77. I turned up the temperature to 90 on the remote but never increased on the actual heater itself still showed 84. I turned up to 90 on the heater too see if the heater… Read More»

Pump clicking on and off on its own

We have an older model Sundance Optima at our cottage. The hot tub is set to standard mode. Today the pumps started and stopped repeatedly. The pumps would try to stop and you would hear a click and then they would turn off. It was only on the one set of jets (foot jets) when… Read More»

Altamars heater leaking.

Good day everyone. I have a 2004 Sundance altamar, And I’ve noticed a slow but steady drip from the heater. It appears to be coming from the seal for the elements heater casing. I’ve removed it and taken it apart, it would appear the seal is dry. but it also appears to be glued on.… Read More»

Pump not filling

Can you give me some items to check as my pump filter basket is not filling – the basket by the side with the heater etc….my filters are clean, water level is correct, pool filter is clean, there are no leaks, heather is working ….the pump is working but it just doesn’t seem to have… Read More»

Water testing results 9 July 16

My pool water was tested 9 July 16. I did discuss the results with the tech. How often can I use the product polysheen blue. I gave my pool a dose on 7 July 16 ?

blb error on Sundance Spa

Otherwise thought of as a 616 error, the blb error is a reminder to change the Clear Ray UV bulb. If you would like to remove the reminder, here are the steps: 1. Ensure your spa is in ‘Standard’ Mode. 2. Then, press the (CYCLE) button three times; The screen will display “U.” At this… Read More»

How to Clean Your System 3 Pool Filter Cartridges

System 3:Modular Media Cleaning Procedure The modular media filter is designed for: 1) Low maintenance 2) Fine particle filtration 3) Cost savings   For best results, follow the steps below. Based on normal operation the filter element must be chemically cleaned once a year. To clean: a) Turn the pump off. b) Remove lid, and… Read More»

Stain Identification Process

All vinyl lined pools will stain. It is just a question of when and how severely. Some stains can be removed and other discolourations are permanent. This varies greatly on water chemistry past and present, the area of the stain and the root cause of the discolouration. Please use the Jack’s Magic’s Stain IDentification Kit… Read More»

How to clean your sand filter

The sand in your pool filter should be chemically cleaned at least once a year to ensure proper pool operation. For best results, follow the steps below. a) Backwash filter for 3—5 minutes, rinse for 20 –30 seconds to remove the debris that can be rinsed off. b) Turn pump off and return dial valve… Read More»

follow up to previous request for support for heater NR200NA

With regards to the membrane and control unit, I did manage to be successful in adjusting the pool water temperature control to the desired water temperature, I did have to press the temperature control a couple of times. The temperature readings are not as clear as they used to be but the monitor works. The… Read More»

Stereo doesn’t work

We have. 680 series Sundance Spa. The button to turn the stereo on is lit red (so there seems to be power going to it) but when we push the button, nothing happens. It does not actually turn on. The remote control does not turn it on either. The spa is less than two years… Read More»

Sta rite heater

Spoke to John in Parts, and he mentioned I should look into getting a control unit which is used to adjust temperature of water. Pool/ spa button is not working as pool water temperature is probably above set temperature. I can’t adjust temperature control to set temperature to 82 or 83. Right now temperature is… Read More»

Trident UV system leaking from bottom of housing

leaking from bottom of housing. Both lines in and out are not leaking

Pool Opening – How to loosen winter plugs

Hi – Aqua-tech did a big pool Reno for us last year and also did the pool closing. I’m not able to loosen the 3 winter plugs under the skimmer – and broke off a piece using pliers. Can you advise how to remove these plugs? Thanks Mark

Spa Bubbles Greatly Reduced

Just serviced my Sundance Denali 680 and now the bubbles seem to be diminished. Used to be so fierce and churning that you could not see the bottom of the tub. Now it’s pretty tame.

Code SN 1

the cose SN 1 showed up about a week and a hlf ago. I purchased a new filter and put it in. Afterwards, the code dissapeared and all was good. Four days ago, the same sode reapeared (SN 1). Any suggestions as to what i should try next? The tub is starting to cost me… Read More»


Flashing 61 6 constantly heater still working unit is running all the time Turned off power for 10 min then turned back on

Help – my swimming pool has foam

Foam in a pool can be a scary thing to see but, believe it or not, foaming is not scary.  It can be easily explained in a few ways and remedied with some patience. Foam in a pool is due to the water being “thick.” This thickness creates bubbles.  The bubbles are filled with air… Read More»

Hot tub

The jets in the hot tub have been spontaneously working on their own, when I don’t want them to, and I can’t shit them off as the buttons have not been responding ….

Codes sn1 and sn3

I have the Sundance optima hot tub. I’m getting two error messages. I have recently changed the heater and the sensor that plugs into the heater

Heater tube install Bahia 2003

Hello, I just bought a heater tube for my sweet water Bahia 2003 and installed it except for the white and black wires to the board on the heater out. Question is, where does the white and black wire go. There is a N and a L. Is it white on N and black on… Read More»

sand filter pump

I bought a new sand filter pump, put new sand in. intake and discharge on pump and filter are 1 1/4″ lines. intake and discharge on pool is 1 1/2″ so I reduced it down to 1 1/4″. started up the pump and the pressure gauge goes to 8psi immediately. what do I do to… Read More»

Pumps always on

My hot tub pumps are always running and the control board will not turn them off. There is no error code on the control board display, just the temperature. The hot tub is a Sundance Sweetwater Bahia 240V. Does this sound like the control board or the PWA?

Pool leak

Last year I had a cronic pool leak issue, I have figured out that the return line port fittings are cracked. When there is nothing screwed into them the pool does not leak, but if I install the directional bushings or the winter plugs it opens the cracks and I lose water. I am wondering… Read More»

pool pump

about once a year when I turn off the pump there is a massive back pressure that throws the water out the input pipe into the pool.

Heater Assembly sensor?

I purchased a heater assembly (Part # 893030058). My old one has a grey wire (sensor?) in it that the new one does not. What do i have to do to install the new one? thanks for your help!

FL1 after winterizing

Hello – please phone me with technical advice – i have a Sundance 780 Hamilton Serial Number: 100424068 The display shows FL1 and no matter what i do the spa is not heating

Allergy Testing for your Hot Tub Water

A skin reaction to your hot tub is not an uncommon challenge. Some reactions are bacterial—this is NOT the treatment for that challenge. This process is designed to determine if and what product you may have a skin reaction to. If a reaction is determined, we recommend you see your doctor or dermatologist at that… Read More»

Top 10 Hot Tub Tips

Read your hot tub manual and refer to it as required.  The Sundance spa manual is a wonderfully written document and is a great reference for you. Should your new spa require a service call, there is a $2.00 per km mileage charge past the perimeter. Always test the water before you get into the… Read More»

My hot tub not working

Hot tub says Flo and cool ? Water is low not sure what to do need help asap before it freeze

fl 1

getting fl1 code did all troubleshooting procedures.pump 1 an 2 run fine. circulating pump seems like its humming an not really running. its a 240 volt pump ,hooked pump up directly to incoming L1 AN L2 TERMINAL BLOCK AN STILL HAVE SAME RESULTS. BAD CIRCULATING PUMP???????If so do i have to empty hot tub to… Read More»

Sun-Smart Wifi Icloud Kit

I have a 2014 Sundance Marin that i have been struggling to get the Sun-Smart Wifi Icloud Kit to connect. It has not worked since the spa has been installed.



Sundance Spa Cameo 880 series

Our GFI breaker is tripping. Water temp is @ 46 just opened up the hot tub after close down over winter concerned freezing will occur

Spa pump moter

I got home from vacation to find my hot tub completely shut down. Investigation showed the on/off switch contacts fused together and the wire between the switch and the Ground Fault Detector burned out. The casing on the GFU was also melted. I took ohms readings on my pump motor to determine if it is… Read More»

stuck on blowout

My sundance 880 hot tub has decided to stay on what appears to be its ‘blowout’ cycle. The control panel appears to have the watchdog set of lines and turning power off and on did no good. Thoughts before I call someone in? thanks!

Not heating 2005 cayman

Not heating got 220 power is good, replaced heater element, still doesn’t heat, circulation pump is working, heater light indicator is on. Unplugged the ozonator, made no difference. , the braker was tripped reset it twice , after that it has not tripped again.

fLO message indicated

not sure if you’ve received my first question regarding the 2 different filters? The double filter stops the water fall also feel suction from both ends when installing filter. PS i think i entered my email incorrectly so I hope that is why I haven’t received a reply. Its correct now. Thanks


My corona discharge Ozonators died. I have a 2007 Chelsea 780 spa. Can I replace it with an advanced plasma gap ozone generator. If I don’t put a new Ozonators in right away can I just run the tub without it and should I plug the line.

FLO message indicated

We have two different filters the single and a double (insert) filter. when we put the double insert filter in and tighten it up it slows the waterfall feature to a trickle, when we put the single filter in it flows fine and the error and red light go back to normal. The double filter… Read More»

Hot Tub (Chelsee)

We purchased the hot tub last month. It seems to have a difficult time maintaining heat with the cover open. This past weekend (not particularly cold) the temp dropped from 103 to 100 in about 10 minutes. The heater comes on but does not heat very quickly; the temp did not go up while in… Read More»

Jets not operating

My heater pump is still operating, but when I push the button to start the jets, nothing happens. Further more, on the motor panel, there used to be a red light indicating the pump is on. However, the light is now off, with the pump running. Please help

pump leaking water

I have a 2002 Optima Spa. I recently changed the water, and after 2 weeks noticed the water level had dropped about 6 inches. I discovered a slow drip coming off my hi/low speed pump #1 (see pic) and the section of shaft that is visible is wet. I am hoping this does not mean… Read More»

suction valve in my Constantine spa from Sundance

Of the four (4) suction valves located in the foot well, it appears that only three of them work. I have tried all the settings available with the pumps and still only the three work. The one directly below the skimmer unit does not appear to draw. Please advise. Thanks

680 Peyton pump 2

is it possible for me to change the wiring on pump 2 so that it can operate in both hi and low speed. Currently only runs in hi speed factory set. Will the control button for pump 2 operate correctly if changed? Currently first push hi speed second push off. Thanks in advance.

Sundace 680 wiring

Please confirm what is required in order for the hot tub to heat while both jet pumps are running in the high speed. Tub service is a 4 wire 50 amp GFI. Assuming jumpers in the control box need to be changed to energize the heater while both pumps are running in the high and… Read More»

Water temp

I refilled hot tub 3 weeks ago. temp never got past 27*. today it sits at 21*. This spring the flo switch casing cracked and I did a homemade fix. there are no error message on the screen (heat icon is on and the pump is flowing water through at a good rate) I replaced… Read More»


We are connecting the new AQUATRAINER SWIM SPA we just had delivered from Aqua-Tech and have 2 questions: 1. does our electrician have to supply his own electrical connections to the second pump 2. what does error code ER1 mean please phone asap as the electrician is on site

Spa stuck in Locked

I have a 2004 ultama, purchased used, just wired it up and the padlock and locked word are staying on the screen. I’ve tried the key combo of display-mode-down and it will blink the locked word.

Winterize/closure of Sundance hot tub

Last year, my 10 year old Sundance hot tub struggled to maintain temperature through the cold winter. Also, I travel extensively through the winter, so am not home to maintain and/or use the tub. As such, I’d like to winterize/shutdown my hot tub this winter to avoid any potential problems. Could you please email me… Read More»

DIY Hot Tub Winterizing and Spa Closing

The number one question we are asked is how to winterize a hot tub. To start, please know that most damage that occurs to hot tub spas is caused by improper winterization.  Also please note that the damage done due to freezing is very costly to repair.  Be very careful if you choose to close… Read More»

Draining Water

I have an Aqua Tech pool with the cartridge filter system, when draining water from the pump area, should I close any of the valves (ie going into the filter) or just leave everything open when opening the drain valve?

Bluewave spa stereo speakers defective

Hot tub was installed late June 2013. We had trouble with a speaker shortly after installation. Now we have 3 speakers not working. One from each pair of speakers. I have checked the L R speaker balance and it is set correctly. Are these speakers made to last only two years? Have you had a… Read More»

Bluewave spa stereo speakers defective

Hot tub was installed late June 2013. We had trouble with a speaker shortly after installation. Now we have 3 speakers not working. One from each pair of speakers. I have checked the L R speaker balance and it is set correctly. Are these speakers made to last only two years? Have you had a… Read More»

Optima 880 dead

Spa appears dead—no display, no control of jets or blowers or temps.The only function that worked was turn the lights on/off. Checked all power supply voltages—everything looks OK. All fuses good (checked out of circuit). Re-seated all connectors, tightened pins. No luck. Turned off main breaker for the night. Came back the next morning and… Read More»

Filter system pressure

We had our pool installed in the Spring on 50 Yale Avenue and I have a question about the filter pressure. I have cleaned the filter a couple of time over the summer when the pressure got 10 psi about baseline. Last week, I cleaned it again and it did not really get down, so… Read More»

Max E Therm heater

I bought and installed the above heater this July. It was installed by a licensed gas technician and inspected by MB Hydro. It will intermittently have issues where it will shut off and the temp gauge will spike up and then go back down and then the heater will come back on. no service lights… Read More»

DIY Pool Closing and Winterizing

12 tips to winterize your pool properly 1.CLEAR UP ANY EXSISITING PROBLEMS If any pool problems exist, such as combined chlorine, cloudy water, or algae growth, these issues need to be resolved before the pool is winterized 2. HAVE YOUR WATER TESTED and BALANCE YOUR WATER Although your water could be perfectly balanced all summer… Read More»

FIlters not sucking?

Hi there, New to the hot tub world, I have a odyssey 780 which I now own due to buying a new house with it. When i got the house, everything seemed to work good, I got all the chemicals in , cleaned the filters, but now I have dirt in bottom of hot tub… Read More»

Electrical problem

We had a leak in our Sundance Chelsea spa. I replaced the part where the leak was coming from, we filled the spa and we turned it on. One minute after turning it on, the breaker shuts off. Do we need to replace a fuse somewhere to fix the problem?

How to know if you need a hot tub heater replacement

Hot Tub Heaters Next to your hot tub circulation pump your hot tub heater is probably the most important component of your hot tub.  We don’t call them cold tubs so the hot tub heater is very important to maximize the enjoyment and therapeutic option of your hot tub. Top Reasons Your Heater Would Need… Read More»

Pool heater indicates way too high so can not adjust temperature to start the heater.

I have a Sta-Rite SR200NA heater. The control pad incorrectly indicates the pool is at 126 degrees. I can not adjust the pool heater to allow the heater to fire as it is limited to 104 degrees. What needs to be replaced to indicate a proper temperature reading of the water so the pool heater… Read More»

perimeter lighting around the pool

The light does not come on around the pool. We have the perimeter lighting. Is there a fuse that is burned out?

FLO Error

My spa has an error reading FLO on the display and is not heating.

hot tub wont turn on

no power comming off of the board but power going to it and nothing lights up on the controls . what can cause this and what parts may i need to get our tub up and running again. fuse are good . please could use some help with this i hear the parts are very… Read More»

Penair IC40 System

You installed a new Pentair system this week as the old system went down. The setting was set to 20%, but due to the rain and the old system not producing chlorine, I moved it up to 40%. I checked last night and the chlorine was now up a little too high so I tried… Read More»

hot tub wont turn on after cleaning it first time this has happend

what to look for and is my tub still under warrenty

error code

I had a watchdog code, you folks recommended I change the temp sensor and it worked. But then I had a “PLuG” code after about 10 min. I tried unplugging the three cables one at a time. It wouldn’t run with temp unplugged, nor the hi limit, but it ran for half hour with the… Read More»

hot tub

My topside control is out and I just emptied and refilled the tub. So the water is cold. The therm won’t read now so should I shut the power off to the tub till I get the part? Or will it do no harm?2006 pacific spa.

New control board P.N. 4PB00931D

Install reading Celsius need to read in Fahrenheit How do I change it

“PLuG Error code”

Our tub went into watchdog mode, you folks recommended I try replacing the Temp Sensor… it worked!!! But now it runs for about 10 min and says “PLuG”. Why would that be. I checked the Temp sensor (and the one beside it) both in the water at 20 Celsius and I have a reading of… Read More»

Sundance Cameo

I want a parts list and cost so I can order from you for my Sundance Cameo hot tub. I believe the stem Assy Waterfall valve part # 6000-298 is the main part I need, but I need also the piping etc as per the photo. I can be reached at 204 330 1492.

control panel blank

No control panel screen info available, tried a reset of the GCI breakers, stereo not working, uncommanded “bubble-ator” actuation, circ filter still working, power is getting to the tub but that’s it?? Need a tech to call and trouble shoot. Carlos has replaced a couple of control panels for us already…..help Greg 204-999-1879

2003 sundance optima

hi there, our hot tub started flashing the watchdog symbol. When we turn off breaker and then back on, it quickly flashes “ice” then back to watchdog symbol. Any tips. Thank you.

Pool heater

I have just taken possession of a home with an inground salt water pool installed in 2008. We turned the electric heater on to 84 on Saturday and it heard up but by Monday it was much warmer than 84. I went to adjust it and it was showing as 77, but then when I… Read More»

Flo switch

Hi, I have a sundance 880 cameo. My Flo switch is staying on on the top Panal. The filter is new and the Flo switch has been changed. The message remains on. The hottub has recently been filled. We are new to the hottub world and aren’t sure what is the problem.

cloudy water, slimy pool

We have struggled since opening the pool to get things the way they should be. continue to struggle with keeping chlorine and getting pH up. Can’t get rid of the cloudiness and now the pool is slimy no matter what we do. During the last month have put in two full containers of pH up,… Read More»

UV Light won’t turn on

My Delta UV 254 filter will not turn on, it is plugged in and the plug is live but it will not turn on. I notice that the light on the power supply is also not illuminated, so I am not sure if my power supply has gone bad or if the UV light bulb… Read More»

Sundance Certa

My spa is leaking but only when it is on. It looks like it is coming from the back i.e. away from the maintenance panel. it is only 5 years old and there are no leaks in the actual tub itself – it’s like new. Any suggestions as to how I could troubleshoot? Thanks.

Whistling Heater

I recently inherited a Pentair Mastertemp 125 pool heater. about 10 minutes after heater starts up it seems to start making a whistling sound and this will continue till the burner shuts off. I say burner because the burner shuts off and the blower continues to run but the whistling sound is not there when… Read More»

Pool Pilot

I cleaned my filters and screen thoroughly three days ago. As soon as I started it back up, the “Check System” light was flashing with the message on the Pool Pilot reading “Purifier Off – Check Flow”. I took everything apart again this afternoon including the cell and everything is flowing great (20 psi) and… Read More»

Sundance 880 Optima FLO2 error

Hi Have a 2010 Sundance Optima 880 spa (OXO3LCD-100378459-0710) giving me FLO2 error. The controller is 6600284 Rev G After dropping the curtain to look for the flow switch (and giving it 2 power cycles) it came back to life. When it wasn’t running, flow switch open—closed once flow resumed. Ran spa for about an… Read More»

Blowing Fuses

I just moved to a house with a hot tub. It was drained when I moved. I recently filled it, and the jet/pump fuse blew in a few minutes. They are self-priming pumps, but i may have started the jets before that was done. I also read that they could have been airlocked, so I… Read More»

OH flashing

Our 780 series sundance control panel shows OH 113 degrees. The water temp is only 90. Should we replace the temp sensor, flow sensor or temp limit sensor. All jets and pumps are working fine

How to Clean your Salt Cell

It is important to inspect and clean your salt cell regularly. Ensure you are chemically cleaning it as required to extend the life of the cell.   Remove the cell by loosening the unions to release. Flush the cell using a garden hose and spray nozzle attachment to remove and loose or excessive debris Pour… Read More»

“Check System” Light

From time to time, I get the red check system light flashing. The message will usually be “low amp” but sometimes it will say something like “check system/c”. I have unplugged from the salt cell and then plugged back in and often the red light will stop flashing. Is this a salt cell issue, would… Read More»

Low Amps on Salt System

If you have a Dig-36 or Mineral Springs Digital Saltwater Chlorinator, one of the most common errors is a ‘Low Amps’ message. This is typically a sign that the cell and cell cable have or are close to expiring. Here are the steps to check the salt cell functionality: Phase 1:  CHEMICALLY clean the cell… Read More»

2006 Sundance Marin Hot Tub

The hot tub is working fine but on the control panel it is displaying what appears to be 919 then flashes to display the temperature (103 f) then back to 919. I have shut it off for approximately 10 minutes then back on again and it’s still doing it. Any suggestions please and thanks.

i think my pool leaks

Leaking Pool? If you are not sure that your pool leaks and it is only a hunch or an “I think it does” and don’t want to book a complete diagnostic service right now we can give you some homework to try and help you with some of you own CSI work. Accurately mark the… Read More»

Salt Generator

I have a salt generator that you guys installed, the current level of salt is 3300 ppm and the generator isnt coming on to produce chlorine. I have tried upping the cell power and percentage and it still isnt producing chlorine I am wondering if i need to reset it or reprogram it the pool… Read More»

finding pool liner hole

we have a 24ft above ground pool where we just recently noticed a slow leak and suspect a hole in the liner as all connections are good. Can you give me some suggestions on how to find the hole? I suspect we will probably drain as much water as we can so we can get… Read More»

Service Light On – Thermostat Issue?

This is our 4th summer with our pool – we have a max-e-therm 200 heater and the Service Light has come on. The heater does reach the desired temperature, but once it does, the heater keeps cycling on and off. We think it may be a faulty thermostat as there was a bit of corrosion… Read More»

Pool heater won’t turn on

Hello, my heater didn’t turn on when I opened the pool. It is a Sta-rite from around 2002, natural gas. Nothing shows up on panel, no lights or warnings, just blank.

Pool heater error codes

We have a 5 year old max-e-therm 200 pool heater. I noticed this week that the heater is displaying two error codes after start up. The heater (when main power first turned on) will cycle through its normal pattern then go blank as normal. About 10-15 sec later it displays AD0 and AD1. The heater… Read More»


drained my tub with the power off, when I re-filled the tub and re-applied power the FLO2 message appeared on the screen. Anything I can do to alleviate this problem. Thanks

Radio/Stereo on my Sundance Optima stopped working

I’ve changed out my power supply and when I turn the spa back on the stereo lights up and then goes off. The yellow JBL light stays on but the stereo won’t power back on. I’ve pressed the BND button and EJ button simultaneously and also used a paperclip to press the reset button under… Read More»

Waterfall keeps running

Hi, I just had my circ pump,replaced and now my waterfall won’t turn off, anyone know why?

Heater not heating water. Please help ASAP as trip to Winnipeg (700 km) happens this weekend.

I have a 15 year old Nautilus Infinity Spa. It has worked perfectly until just recently. It now will not heat the water. We turn the spa on and the temperature readout indicates that the temperature is climbing. However, at 104 the water is still cold, and at 199, the temperature indicator blinks constantly and… Read More»

Sundance sweet water 680 series FL1 error

Hi all, We have the Sundance sweetwater Laguna 680 series I think? Or 780. I’ve recently purchased it off a friend with the known FL1 code. Anyway I’ve changed the circulation pump and filled it up yesterday and turned it on. Today it’s at a nice 40degree temperature. I’ve just put the jets on for… Read More»

Sundance Spa – FL1 Error Code

Sundance Spa – FL1 error code My Sundance Certa 780 Series hot tub is showing an error of FL1. I went through the manual diagnostics and the error is still there. I contacted Aquatech and they suggested I clean the filter with the FilterBrite. In the first 4 years we basically used one filter and… Read More»

Turn up the winter heat. Flashing FLO

I have an 01/02 Altlamar Sundance Spa. I have just cleaned the filter as I was getting a FLO flashing message and the heater wasn’t keeping up with the temp (heat symbol wouldn’t come on) When the filter was replaced the heater when back to the orginal set temp as the heat symbol came back… Read More»

My Hot Tub Spa’s Topside Control Panel Displays A FLO Message

Question: My topside control panel shows a FLO message. Why does it do this? Answer: When diagnosing a FLO message it is important to consider that there are 3 different types of FLO messages that your Spa’s logic is capable of displaying (a Solid FLO message, a Flashing FLO message and a Solid FLO2 message).… Read More»


HI, I just plugged in my Sundance spa and I’m getting the code FL1 flashing. Even before I hit any buttons. When I go to turn pump 1 on both speeds work. But the other pump wont kick on when you press the other pump button. However the pump 2 will kick on with the… Read More»

Inground Pool & Hot Tub Electrical Requirements

I am thinking of installing a gas heated inground pool with lights, waterfall and hot tub in the future, how much amps or room will I need a available for the pool and hot tub on my electrical panel?

Sundance wireless monitor reading ‘Hi’. Malfunction?

Sundance wireless temp monitor is reading ‘Hi’. Water temp in the tub is set at 102 and that is the reading on the hot tub panel. Is the sensor defective or is the heater on continuously? Suggestions?

No temp adjustment

Sundance 99,750 with sentry command center .we can’t adjust the heat either warmer or coler . Stuck on 37c. Just took possession of house and it came with the tub , have any suggestions to adjust heat ?

flo control problem

Hello, I have an Altimar 850 hot tub. I am having an issue with the flo appearing on the panel screen. I have checked the filter and removed it and the flo still shows up. I have checked the circulating pump and everything appears good. I have removed the wires from the flow control valve… Read More»

Air Control valve unscrewed

One of the air control valves unscrewed from the sleeve on my Sundance Chelsea spa. I put it back in and it just spins. Not sure how to correct – it doesn’t look like anything is broken on the part.

I have a question about my pool

This is my question.


Sundance Spa – FL1 error code My Sundance Certa 780 Series hot tub is showing an error of FL1. I went through the manual diagnostics and the error is still there. I noticed a leak while filling, let sit overnight and found a pipe disconnected. Reconnected and refilled and got the same message. Did the… Read More»

How to turn off heater on Sundance Spa

I’m following the DIY Hot Tub Winterizing document I got from Aqua-Tech Service. One step says: “Next, locate your spa heater, and turn it off. … Activate the spa’s air blower and let it run for approximately 30 seconds.” I looked at the heater on my 2013 Sundance Optima and I don’t see any switch… Read More»

Dyno-3-Zone Ozonator problems

I am trying to find out how to read voltage from the circuit board on my 2003 Sweetwater Cayman. My ozonator is inop, I suspect a burnt out bulb, but wanted to double check before I order a new bulb. i tried reading voltage at the 240vac setting. I read 0 volts. Is there a… Read More»

Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated

I changed my Flow Switch ( 2003 Sweetwater Cayman ) yesterday. When I powered the spa back up, I am now receiving a FL1 code. Here are my concerns – 1) is it possible that I did not get a good connection on the circuit board with the flow switch wires? Would that cause my… Read More»

00 Sundance Palmero Hot Tub Problems!

Do I Have a bad Topside Control or Main Board Problem? I have a 00 sweetwater Palmero. I recently hooked it up and had a FL1 code. Replaced the pressure switch and code cleared. Lights (topside Control) come on but nothing happened.I turned it off for a night & turned it back on. The topside… Read More»

Aqua spa pak Gamma heater issue

Hi there I have an old Aqua spa pak Gamma 240V, 4kw that keeps tripping the GFI. Ive narrowed it down to the heater. Should I replace it? I cant seem to find parts anywhere for this old unit. Any suggestions?

A little more heat with a 2014 Sundance 780 Certa

Does anyone know the temperature over-ride button sequence on a 2014 sundance 780 series certa? On my previous Sundance it was a jumper on the circuit board but I gather they now do it in software. I’d like to get to 106 degrees. Thanks to anyone that knows the answer.

Aqua-Tech display pool size

What is the size of your outside display inground pool at Aqua-Tech?

Aqua Spa Pak Needs Help

We have a 20 year old Aqua Spa Pak 240A-20-B Ser 36606 2hp 5.5kw 100gpm. The switch that drives the heater will often click multi times before the heater lite will stay on and we often find the water temp is not consistent. We are in the middle of a lake on an island 250… Read More»

Temperature different in pool than at pump

my pool is 82 degrees and my heat pump for the pool reads 68 degrees why is there a big gap. I have an inground 72000 litre pool 30X36 I just had the circulating pump replaced on is there something I can do to remedy this?

Pipe continually pops of Sand Filter Connection

I have an 18′ above ground pool with a sand filtration system, and I’ve had this pool for over 10 years and never had a problem like this. I perform regular weekly maintenance, checking that all components, water levels and pressure and balance the chemicals. A week ago today, the outtake pipe from the sand… Read More»

low amps ….check cell

Hi! I have had an error message “low amps – check cell” with my digital pool pilot by lectronator…sc36…for a few weeks. It was installed in june 2012. As it was still chlorinating the pool, and occasionally not sending an error message, I decided to just run the chlorinator high capacity and monitor it. It… Read More»

Water heater for pool heating non stop

We have an inground pool. The heater is set at 80. The water is heating nonstop and can go up to 90 in the pool. Yet the heater is still showing 65. Any suggestions to fix? (The service heater light is NOT on.

Possible pool suggestions

Looking for a pool for a small back yard. Can be partially above ground and can be about 4ft deep. Only about 4 ft gate to get into back yard for excavation.

2002 marin blower

I have a 2002 sundance marin spa and I wanted to know where the blower is located when I look at the spa toward the main panel where the control panel is and can I access the blower for repair from the main panel door?

do you carry the kreepy krauly by pentair?

do you carry the kreepy krauly by pentair? pool cleaning

My led lights won’t turn off

I’ve tried turning off the breaker for 20 minutes. But the lights still came on once the breaker was on again.


i got a whole bunch of chemicals and salts to put in my pool, should i put them in knowing that is is supposed to rain? or wait until the forecast calls for a clear day? does rain water affect the pools balance that much?

Spa temp wrong, shutting off

Occasionally my spa (a 2002 Optima) will read 44-45 degrees celcius and the OH will flash. I’m guessing the temperature sensor is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced? (the actual spa temp is much cooler) In addition, several times since this started happening i’ll go check on the spa and the topside control panel will… Read More»

Pool jets not working

Jets are not working in my pool. Checked all the baskets, reinitialized the pump, also no pressure to the filtration system, needle just sits at 0.

Advice On Re-filling Pool To Avoid Wrinkles?

Decided to drain (pump out) my 20×30 in-ground pool because a)there was a 2 ft tear in the liner to repair and b) there was a lot of debris to remove from the deep end. After repairing the tear and cleaning-up, time to refill. But wrinkles developed in the bottom and the stretch in the… Read More»

Skimmer Inlet to Pump

Pool start up question. At the bottom of my skimmer, I have a rubber plug with a wing nut, which I removed. There also appears to be a plastic cap held in place by a Phillips screw. Does this cap need to be removed?

solar panels

it says to check sensor on the box for the solar panels, what do i do?

Pool pump hums and shuts off

My Sta-Rite Max E Pro pump hums on start up and then just shuts off. The pump is no more than 2 years old, what is the problem what is involved in having it repaired?

Air in pump/filter?

I have your cartridge filter with magnetic pool pump. I’ve noticed pump running loud, like air in it and clear lid is not full. When I vent the top of filter until water sprays out, pump runs quiet again for a while but same problem occurs. What can I do to get it running properly… Read More»

UV sanitizer

opening my pool and i tried to start the pump and all was ok til water started to come out the top of my uv sanitizer. trident series 2


I have a 2005 Sundance hot tub and even though the water temp is about 16C, my display is showing an OH symbol after a few minutes of running and then it goes into the WATCHDOG mode and shuts down. The only way it will start up again is by heating up the circuit board… Read More»

Pool water thawing

I have a safety cover on my above-ground pool. Do you recommend leaving it on or removing it to allow sun access to help to thaw the giant ice cube in my pool?

pump not priming

I have a Sundance Optima spa, I have just refilled it after winter but pump 1 is not sending water to the jets. I can hear the pump running.Pump II is operating normally.

How do I change my UV bulb on a Sundance 880 Spa?

please phone me when you can Len Malinowski 306-782-1620

Faulty Pump on Hot Tub

My pump on my hot tub for jets 1 has stopped working(seized I believe). There is a filtration pump still running and a pump for jets 2. Can I disconnect the faulty pump until it warms up and do the repairs then?

SFS red light

My heater has been shutting off when I had the automatic pool cleaner on at the same time. The SFS red light went on in the back of the board. Do I need a new SFS sensor?

Chelsee kicking circuit breaker repeatedly

My 6 month old Chelsee hot tub keeps kicking the circuit breaker. I reset the breaker and it runs for a moment, and then kicks the breaker again? any idea? I can hear the circulation pump run for a minute after resetting the breaker, and then it kicks again.

Water temp inconsistent

I have a hamilton 780. The temp of water in our spa is inconsistent and we are experiencing very cold below freezing temps. I have tarped and setup external heat in an attempt to keep the spa from freezing. Yesterday evening I went out to test the water temp of the spa. I found that… Read More»

Sundance Maxxus 880 Stereo issue

  I have a 2006 Sundance maxxus 880, My stereo quit working. I tested all fuses to include ones behind stereo. I have no power coming to the stereo fuses. I see the wires run down to a black box behind the main electrical panel which looks very tough to get to. I was wondering… Read More»

24 hour circulation in Winter cycle not working

I have my Hamilton 780 tub set on the winter cycle, (F3 and C6). I’ve noticed that for the last week that not everytime, but at least once a day, i go check my tub and the waterfall is not running which tells me that 24hr circulation is not working. THe weird thing is that… Read More»

do you have to drain down an above ground pool for winter? How much?

I bought an Eliminator Pool Cover and they say use the skimmer and return plugs only. I think they live in more temperate climates. How far down should I drain our pool in Manitoba.

Winter insulation

We’re getting ready for another long winter here, and i’m curious about what i can do to help make my hot tub more efficient when the temp outside is -20 to -40 Celsius outside. I have a great aqua-tech hot tub cover to keep the heat from rising up, but the removable wooden access panels… Read More»

How much horsepower do I use to blow out my lines?

I am blowing out my lines for the winter. The length from my equipment to my pool is about 80 feet. How much horsepower do I need for a blower to blow out the lines? What horsepower blower does the aqua-techies use?

Sundance Altamar Pump Issue

Sundance Altamar (2000) – I was doing a cleaning and re-fill and upon restarting the hot tub, I was getting a FLO reading and the #1 pump would not start. When I did the clean-out, I sucked as much water out of the tub with a shop-vac, I did notice that the flow valve did… Read More»

Air blower blew

I have a 2002 Optima Spa. A few months ago the air blower (icon looks like bubbles) stopped working. If i press the button on the pad, a ‘click’ is heard, the icon comes on but the blower does not. Pressing the button again makes the click sound again and the icon goes away. Is… Read More»

Gas and pressure

Hello… I have an above ground pool that is heated by a teledyne-laars series 2 heater – model ESC125N. I recently had a leak in the pressure switch that ended up pouring water onto the gas valve. I have since corrected the pressure switch leak (tightened a bolt), but now gas does not seem to… Read More»

Sta-Rite heater E05

Sta-Rite heater is not running and is showing E05 and saying service system. I have shut the heater down and turned it back on. It runs for about 2-4 days and shuts down again. I have cleaned the filters. The water level is fine. I have an in-ground pool that is 3 years old. We… Read More»

FL1 error

We are getting an FL1 error after filling our hot tub. We have had the flo switch and circuit board replaced last spring because of this error. What is wrong?

How can I change my jets without draining my pool?

hello, I’m trying to replace one of the side jets in my in ground pool. The 90 degree elbow which is glued to the jet and goes to the pcv piping cracked and was leaking. I have the pool drained just past the jet so that I can remove it. My question is, can I… Read More»

Pool Heater Won’t Ignite

My name is Greg Sutton, 213 Eveline St, Selkirk, MB PH 204 482 4348 email gesutton@shaw.ca Pool Heater will not ignite. Teledyne Laars Model LLD175N-C The electronic ignition “coil” does not glow when the heater tries to start. Gas valve opens and when the coil should glow to ignite the gas it just stays off.… Read More»

UV filter pressure gauge seems to be too low

We left our “shark” in overnight and when we took it out it seemed to affect our UV filter. Normally the filter runs around “10” on the pressure gauge but now it’s running at around “2”. The only time we’ve had issues with it in the past is when our pool water level was too… Read More»

Bad Flow Switch??

We have a Sundance 2003 Caprio (Portofino) hot tub that is throwing an FL1 code. We have bled the lines and all the jets are working. What is the function of the flow switch? Can we bypass the flow switch to see if the switch is bad. Thank you. Mary Kay

filter pressure guage reading 21; normally reads 13

Our filter pressure gauge is reading 21 when it should be reading around 13. The water does seem a little murky. Also, when the water is turned on for our slide, the water flow is intermittent; it will run for a while, then stop. When it does flow, the volume of water seems to be… Read More»

Help Please

Hi: Solar heated salt water in-ground pool. Opened in May 2010. When the solar is turned on, you see an inordinate amount of gurgling (bubbles) coming mostly from the return below the skimmer. (some bubbling occurs at the return near the steps at the other end of the pool.) The Cuddy red lights comes on… Read More»

pool liner

Our pool liner in the south west corner is starting to come away from the wall. Can someone come and check it out. Thanks!

Clogged drain?

Ok so I back washed the filter which lowered the psi from around 20 to 15. I put the filter on recirculate and closed each the drain and skimmer valves separately. When I closed the skimmer valve (water being pulled from main drain only), it seemed to be having trouble getting water to the pump.… Read More»

Sta-rite heater unable to contol temp either up/down arrows

I have a Maxy Therm Sta-rite heater SR200NA purchased from your company and the issue is I am unable to control the temp with the up and down arrows, the heater turns on with the power button and will fire up and run properly just can not control the temp with either arrow. Is there… Read More»

Sweetwater Laguna 2003 – FL1 error message

Heater has shut down due to error FL1. Filter was recently cleaned with Filter Brite but not recently replaced. Used garden hose to clear any air locks and after this heater started up again and no FL1 message. 12 hours later checked and FL1 message returned. Want to check the flow switch paddle for debris… Read More»

re-sealing an existing inground pool

We purchased a home with an inground pool, and feel it’s time to do some much needed maintenance. The base is concrete and the upper walls are fibreglass, and we would like to reseal the joint between these two materials. What material can you suggest we use to ensure a waterproof seal? Do you sell… Read More»

Pool heater button switching on by itself

Recently I reported that I had to use the Spa button on the heater to heat the pools instead of the Pool button because the Pool button was not working. However, from time to time, the Pool button switches on by itself with a different temperature setting. I can’t change the temperature setting after this… Read More»

How to reset code 616

Changed clear ray bulb

Stereo power issue. Where are the fuses? Suggestions?

Hello. I need some suggestions. Just completed a water exchange last week so i had the power breaker off. I put the breaker back on and the heater and pumps all work fine but the stereo has no power. I did not have the side panels off. The speakers (pop-up) don’t have a light on… Read More»

variable speed pump

Just got a new variable speed pump. 16×32 pool. What is the best preset speed to run it on? I like #2 with 1500 RPMs but not sure if that is enough to filter and run the heater efficiently.

Altamar “FLO” Notation

I have a ’99 Altamar Model 850. I just opened it for the summer and I have been getting a “FLO” notation since as follows: Pump 1 running at Hi or Lo, no FLO indication and heater works and flow switch visibly is closed. Pump 2 running have FLO indication and flow switch is open… Read More»

where’s my water

where is the valve on the hot tub we just filled it and it is losing all the water my husband said it is on the left there is a cream knob which doesn’t turn and little black whole on the other side which you can put your finger in how do you shut of… Read More»

does an in ground pool heat pump need to be on a gfci

Does an in ground pool heater need to be on a gfci breaker

Salt cell problems

My pool is a salt water pool. The salt water system is not producing chlorine because the unit says the pool has a low salt level and the low salt light is on. I checked the salt several times at the pool store and it reads 3000 ppm. The inspect cell light is also lit… Read More»

We have a above ground pool 16x 32 – what should the pressure guage read on my sand filter

When we vacuum the pool I lose suction after 1-2 minutes. I backwash and then I have really good suction and then it almost stops after 1-2 minutes

Significance and solution to a ‘FLO2’ error message?

I just changed my filter this weekend and upon restart I received a ‘FLO’ message. I turned off the tub again and reseated the filter; but this time I got a ‘FLO2’ message. A message for which the manual says ‘get a service techician’! Is there anything I can do, before calling out a technician?… Read More»

Solar Panel Automatic On/Off switch

My Automatic On/Off Switch is not working on my Aqua-Star 2 Solar Panels. I have to manually turn on when it is sunny and turn back off when it is not. Is this something i can repair on my own or would it require service.

Need help and service depart wasn’t there to help

I have a sun dance spa, getting two codes coming up one is fl2 the other is blb . Went onloine to find manual and not sure what to do with the fl2 code and don’t know we’re the uv light is to even change . Called the store and was directed here,not very personal… Read More»

My UV system can’t hold pressure

My UV pressure gage reads low. It goes to 0 pressure quickly even after a recent filter clean. Sometimes in less than a day. We have cleaned the filter at least 5 times this year (sometimes a good rinse and sometimes chemically cleaned) and pressure readings on the UV pump start at 10 and deteriorate… Read More»

Pool liner

My pool liner has slipped off the track. How do I get it back on the track without ripping the liner? What tools should I use?

Salt system unit problems

We have replaced our cell and the power cord to the cell and over the last 3 pool seasons (on Aquatech’s recommendation) due to a recurring ‘low amps-check cell reading’ on our salt unit. Now this season this same reading is occuring and the Chlorine levels drop to 0. Last week chemicals fine and this… Read More»

FLO error

We have a FLO error on our optima Hot Tub. The water level is at the bottom of the pillow, we have circulation with the pumps. We have taken the filter out and checked if there was air in the lines, and some air bubbles came up but now just water. The heater symbol is… Read More»

Can not get hot tub GFI to go on after changing the water.

I changed the water in my Maxxus hot tub yesterday. After filling it with water I started all the jet pumps and ran them for a minute or so (turning them on and off several times). All seamed to be functioning fine. This morning I went to check to see if the tub had heated… Read More»

Pool pump set for 24 hour cycle on EZ touch, but pool pump not running this morning

This morning (Saturday) my pool pump was not running and the second line on my EZ touch display was blank where it normally shows “Pool” and the water and heater set temperature. Pressing the “F” filter pump button did re-start the pump (I had also first tried cycling through “Mode” but this had no effect… Read More»

cool and flo

we just emptied and cleaned and refilled our sundance hottub and now are getting a flashing cool and alternately flo message. flo only stops flashing when the #1 jets are on and the heater symbol only comes on when those same jets are on also. what could be the problem?

Sundance spa Jbl intellisound problems

Hi I have A 2010 sundance otima spa with a JBL Intellisound systeme & only the right speakers work, fuses & The wiring are ok, i have reseted bnd & eject & usb with pin closing the main power . Still the Left speakrs don’t work. Is there something else That I can do .… Read More»


Have a VZ3 JR. .35 AMP ozinator were can I get a new bulb?

Hot Tub Remote Not Working

Remote has never really worked – the batteries have been changed but no difference. When the control panel for the spa was replaced the pump buttons on the remote worked for a couple weeks (that was 6 months ago) but it has not worked at all for the last 3 months and the volume buttons… Read More»

How do I fill my Above Ground Pool?

I have booked a basic opening for my above ground pool. How do i get the water 3/4 up the skimmer before you arrive?

Flo Error on 2010 Optima

My Sundance Optima (2010) has a flashing error (104/flo/104) only when BOTH jet pumps are on. What can I do to fix this?

Spa issues

I’m troubleshooting a Sundance spa. I believe it has an 800 series control panel on it. I neglected to get the model number. What happens is: immediately after you turn on the main power the screen comes on for a second, as the pumps fire up the screen shows OH—– and then the pumps shut… Read More»

Test Question – Please Ignore

This is not a real question – please ignore.





Sundance Capri 850 – Weir Gate

we have a 2005 Sundance Capri 850. The spa gate will not lower to allow water to flow over top and into the filter area. Can somebody tell me how to replace the Weir Gate? Thank you.

flashing screen

we have the cameo hot tub, the screen is flashing the temperture continuously 91/101, yet the water is at 101, we have shut the power hoping it would stop flashing, what could be wrong and is it causing any harm, is this a computer problem, or has someone pressed one of the buttons in error

Pool Heater Whistles while heating

I have a stayrite heater and when I turned it on yesterday to start heating the pool, aftre a few minutes it started to whistle quite loud. Do you guys have a solution to this problem. This isn’t the first time you have been out to try and resolve the issue. it’s very anoying.

Too much heat

My tub has been 40 or 41 degrees (Celsius) for the last couple of days. I have it set low, to around 30 degrees because we’re planning on going away for a week, and yet it’s heated up to this temp and won’t go down. I normally keep it on economy mode and at around… Read More»

AquaPure AP 1400 NO FLOW

I have a newly installed AquaPure AP 1400 but it isn’t generating chlorine as it keeps reading “no flow”. I have gone through the trouble-shooting options in the manual and none of those steps resolve my issue. When I unplug the interface from the board and plug it back in, it displays a few minutes… Read More»

Air in the system

I recently bought a house and and the onwers didn’t cover the pool over the winter and we aren’t 100% sure they winterized it. The water level was low enough to indicate they did. Anyways, sincle we moved in, we haven’t been able to get the pump to prime fully. There is air in the… Read More»

Pool Heater Switch does not turn heater on

There has been recent work done on our pool heater. Now, the Pool On switch on the pool heater does not turn the heater on. The Spa On switch turns the heater on but we do not have a spa. Is the pool going to heat properly?

Temperature Reading on Display panel is rolling on and off the screen

Customer has Sundance 2012 680 series Peyton. Temperature reading on the dispaly panel is rolling on and off the screen. What is required to fix? Spa is still heating and circulating as normal.

2 speed jet pump not working

If my circulating pump is not working, will this affect my 2 speed pump operation because it does not kick in during the standard cycle operation but it will kick into high if I start the single speed jet pump first and leave the 2 speed pump in the high range for 10 or 15… Read More»

How Often Should I Backwash My Filter? How Long?

I’m wondering how often should I backwash my filter? And how long should I backwash it for?

Hot tub too hot with —– error

My Sundance hot tub (maximus). We just opened up our hot tub for the season and went to use it the other day and it was really hot. Felt about 105 or 106. Temp said it was 99 and then a —– came on and waterfall stopped working. We tripped the breaker and it started… Read More»