Hot tub cover, speakers and light

1) Hot tub cover: does not seem to completely seal, we have quite a bit of condensation and steam that emits from the sides. 2) The cover seems to have detached, when it is windy we see air under the layer of the cover. 3) One of our lights seems to not completely function. It… Read More»

Draining our Sundance hot tub

We are draining our Sundance hot tub for the winter and just wanted to make sure we did not miss any steps. According to our service manual, it appears that the main white valve on ground facing out from middle front panel is all that needs draining. We did open right front panel and saw… Read More»

Spa and Hot Tub In Distress Service

If your Sundance Spa is not circulating or heating in below zero temperatures, it is in distress. As a temporary measure please attempt to prevent freezing by installing a space heater into the equipment bay of your hot tub. You may then contact the service department during normal business hours. Alternatively, you may purchase spa… Read More»

Spa heating issue (high temperature limit)

Had new spa delivered today by AQT. Concerned temperature is rising too slow and that the high temperature limit is set incorrectly. Should/how do/can it be changed?


is there a pilot light on heater? Gas had to be turned off… Service heater light is on… Is there something we can do to avoid service costs?

Radio will not go off.

My radio will not go off at all. I have a 2014 Dynasty Spa. Can anyone help?


My service heater light keeps coming on and off. Occasionally the temp drops and heater won’t start until I turn on/off. What’s the issue? Recently you replaced pump to variable speed which lowers pressure. Does lower pressure affect the heater? Google seems to think so. I’m at work so if I don’t answe please call… Read More»

Aerated pool returns

I seem to be pumping aerated returns into our pool . I assume I’m sucking air from some place on the suction side. Just wondering were I should look first ? Pump basket o-ring maybe ?

Help fill

How do I fill the egg looking thing after I had air in the pipes

Draining pool

How so we drain the pool of excess water using run off and how do I put all the valves