Sundance Spa quits after a few seconds, why?

I just changed my circulation pump (housing was cracked and leaking). When I restarted the hot tub, the waterfall ran for a few seconds and then quit. I read one of your posts about possible air lock, so ran my hose in the filter connection for awhile. Then I tried to restart the hot tub,… Read More»

2013 Optima Spa keeps tripping the breaker

optima serial number 00P3LCD-100471873-0913 The smart heater is leaking a tiny bit but would that be what is causing the breaker to flip. I did order the heater but am wondering if I need the high limit sensor and temperature sensor as well. If so what are the part numbers for those parts? This will… Read More»

Max E Therm 200 Heater

My heater’s temp controls are non-responsive to any input. Is there something I need to do to reset the heater? Thanks,

Sundance Spa 880 Optima Clear ray UV system

I replaced my UV bulb, but the Clear Ray UV system doesn’t seem to have any power – neither the red nor green light is on. How do I fix that?

Leak in Sundance tub

Hi, my sundance hot tub is not holding water. Seems leak coming from the floor area. How can I tell if issue is with jet or pipe below?

Hot tub panels

Plug and play tub panel is loose,

JBL stereo on Sundance optima

I saw in a forum dated back in 2016, that there was an upgrade path to blue tooth for the stereo system, Since my unit is dead, fuses and voltage are good i figured I would research and replace if something is available.

Hot Tub Temperature

We notice that our Kingston 980 spa (owned for 3 years), will have the temperature drop from 104′ at the beginning to 100′ within about an hour. Is this normal for it to cool down this much and this quickly.

Jacuzzi J245

I have a jacuzzi j245 hot tub that all of the sudden had no heat and an F-1 code. I checked the filter and made sure I had no trapped air. I replaced the pressure switch as well. I can’t get the pumps or anything to come on. Only thing I see on the control… Read More»

Pool plumbing leak

I am looking for a quote and tracing and repairing a suspected leak in the suction side of my pool plumbing. There are fine bubbles showing from the returns and the water level in our 14′ x 28′ rectangular inground pool drops about one inch in five days after which it seems to stop losing… Read More»