FLO flashing

My 1 year old Rotospa was drained for the summer. I had no idea you should not do this. Just filled it today and the Gecko display is flashing FLO. What do I do?

Hot Tub FL error

Maxxus 880 spa (September 2013) displayed FL error and red light came on. Switched out filters, reset breaker, and still having the same problem.

Flow Switch

Optima 880 Hot Tub light is red. Has a closed flow switch x2 messages: The flow switch is malfuntioning closed. Heater is disables. Contact your authorized dealer or service organization. 2nd message: Closed Flow Switch on Startup Shorted flow switch on system start-up (system disabled). Contact your authorized dealer….. We pulled out the filters and… Read More»

Jet question

We have a marquis epic 2007 I believe . we just had the motherboard changed last month, now jet 1 barely blows air compared to jet 2 which blows really strong. Even when on high. A dealer changed out the motherboard. What can be causing this, could it be the motor? Though we hear it… Read More»

Spa motor overheating?

We have an older pillar spa with fuel pumps. The pump operating the volcano jet works fine. The circula Ion and jet pump is having issues. It turns on and does it filtration cycles without fail but when you call for the jets the pump will turn off after about 5 minutes and will not… Read More»

Hot tub error

I have a sundance 680 series and ive had issues with the hot tub getting the oh error from heating up with the cover on and dont know how to keep it cool. Also i just had a fl2 flow error so i tried cleaning my filter and then after turning off the breaker the… Read More»

Hot Tub FL1 error

680 Hawthorne (installed Sept 25th, 2012) displaying FL1 error every few days. Have replaced filters and water level is good.

Sundance Spa malfunction

AquaTech closed last year (at Victoria Beach ). We couldn’t open the spa until Sunday July 1. All works as it should except for the bank of 12 jets in left far corner from the controls. The rest of the left side works as it should. Is there something I can do to fix this?


I have a 2006 Sundance Marin hot tub. When we have a Hydro power bump the waterfall shuts off. With the power back on and you hit the “Select” button once the waterfall will come on and run for a period of time. It will stop running at some point (we haven’t sat there to… Read More»

Jet 2 not working

Just replaced control panel on my hot tub. Jet one working but jet 2 which controls the other side of tub and falls there’s nothing. The display says it’s on. Everything is open, pushed water with a hose to check for air and still nothing. The control is an mx770. It’s an elite spa made… Read More»