Pump life span

My 8 year old pump is becoming very noisy (whining) and I wonder if it can be fixed or should it be replaced?

Help fill

How do I fill the egg looking thing after I had air in the pipes

Pump and pressure

Every time we turn off pump and clean then turn back on there is no pressure. What are we doing wrong

Vs pump setting

I HAVe a new vs pump and need to know what speeds each of the 4 setting should be

Pool pump

Hi, I’m having trouble with my pool pump / filter housing. I’ve primed the pump and started everything up. When I get water flowing from the filter housing sir discharge valve I close it up….what happens next is air fills the pump and it doesn’t continue pumping water. No idea what’s causing this or how… Read More»

Pump Noise

Hi, i opened my pool as I usually do and when I started the pump it was making more noise than usual. It seems to be pumping fine and the pressure is okay. I have not seen any evidence of any leaks from the pump. Rather than the low hum it normally makes it sounds… Read More»

pool water pump

Our pool water pump was making more noise than usual upon start up this season. It was suggested that we see is the noise lessens with use. It has not. Today, our slide water was not running with the same pressure it had earlier in the season. These two issues may not be related but… Read More»

re initiating pump

I stopped my pump to clean out my sand filter (and I expect is lost prime). I have now put the filter back together and restarted the pump but it has not yet been able to draw water. I have automation and it is ‘on’ – so it tries from time to time – but… Read More»

Pump not filling

Can you give me some items to check as my pump filter basket is not filling – the basket by the side with the heater etc….my filters are clean, water level is correct, pool filter is clean, there are no leaks, heather is working ….the pump is working but it just doesn’t seem to have… Read More»

pool pump

about once a year when I turn off the pump there is a massive back pressure that throws the water out the input pipe into the pool.