hot tub

hottub pumps keeps turning on randomly. i know they are scheduled to turn on 4 times per day but this is happening 20 times an hour with 2 pumps and the blower turning on its in a heated garage 2009 cameo 880 sundance hottub

Balboa VS501Z Control panel installation

Hi there, I’m wondering if this control panel can be installed with either end of the heater hooked up to the pump. My electrical comes in from the opposite side of the opening and it would be easier to turn the controller around for installation. Thanks! -Nigel

Hot tub cover, speakers and light

1) Hot tub cover: does not seem to completely seal, we have quite a bit of condensation and steam that emits from the sides. 2) The cover seems to have detached, when it is windy we see air under the layer of the cover. 3) One of our lights seems to not completely function. It… Read More»

Draining our Sundance hot tub

We are draining our Sundance hot tub for the winter and just wanted to make sure we did not miss any steps. According to our service manual, it appears that the main white valve on ground facing out from middle front panel is all that needs draining. We did open right front panel and saw… Read More»

LED lights flash, second jet button unresponsive.

I have a Down East Providence II spa. It is a 2005 model. After about 10 minutes of running with the second jet button on the LED lights inside the spa start flashing. I am unable to turn them off and the second jets button also becomes unresponsive. Flipping the breaker is the only way… Read More»

Gecko Hot tub pump

bought a Gecko pump through you guys in March (Amazon). installed it this weekend. low speed works fine but when it shifts to high speed it makes a loud noise and kicks off. (pls see video) On initial start up it blew the pump fuse.

Hot tub circulation pump keeps shutting off

2004 Sweetwater Bahia model: Heater wiring on circuit board burnt. Drained spa. Received updated / replacement part numbers from Sundance. Replaced circuit board and heater unit. Refilled spa. FL2 on panel kept coming on and shutting off circ pump / heater. Called Sundance, told to replace flow switch. Replaced flow switch. Everything works fine for… Read More»

Air diverter

Sundance Edison hot tub Working on this hot tub, I pushed the ball for the air diverter down into the tube. Can this be fixed or do I need new parts?

Hot tub breaker

Hello. I went to turn on Sundance hot tub and the breaker switches off within a couple seconds on the tub. What is most likely cause? Can I diagnose by opening panel? Thanks.

Problem solving

I am thinking of purchising a used AQUAREST plug and play hot tub. The gentleman claims that there is a possible electrical problem. He states that you plug it in, and it shuts off after 1-2 hours. He states that there is a security plug on the unit, and he has no idea why it… Read More»