We have a Delta UV system

Recently changed bulb and quartz tube – was working fine – now neither of the lights on the ballast are on and system not working

Pool light

I have the black box style fibre light, this season the brightness is about half of what it previously was. Is it just a light bulb that needs changing?

Aerated pool returns

I seem to be pumping aerated returns into our pool . I assume I’m sucking air from some place on the suction side. Just wondering were I should look first ? Pump basket o-ring maybe ?

Draining pool

How so we drain the pool of excess water using run off and how do I put all the valves

DIY Pool Opening Procedures

RAISE THE WATER LEVEL Fill water under pool cover to level where the melted snow and debris is almost to the top of the pool. This keeps the pool structure more stable and assists in preventing “floating” liners. PUMP & SCOOP WINTER DEBRIS AND WATER Using a net, scoop out any debris that has fallen… Read More»

Prowler 820

The prowler cable that connects to the prowler power supply ours only has 3 Silver metal prongs but the power supple has 4 holes. Is it suppose to have 4 Silver metal prongs?? We just had our pool installed so never noticed last year as Aquatech crew assembled it It was missing a wheel so… Read More»

UV Light Issues?

Hi I have a uv unit with my aqua tech pool equipment. Tonite i noted that the bulb went out and the red LED light on the ballast went on. The bulb then would go on and off. Does this mean that I need a new bulb(which I’m due to replace anyways) or could it… Read More»