How to remove the air control knob on a 2001 Sundance Cameo Spa

our 2001 Sundance Cameo has developed a leak in a couple of places – one being under the top rail at one of the air control valves. It appears it’s just a PVC glue joint that has failed which is easy enough but I cannot get the valve out. Trying to see if it unscrews… Read More»

PVC to semi-flexible pipe leak

What is the best sealant to use when a pipe fitting cannot be replaced? I have a leaky fitting between a semi-flexible pipe going into a PVC elbow that goes into a valve that has no room for the elbow to be replaced and need to seal the leak in place.

Waterfall pipe leak

What should I use to seal up a waterfall pipe leak? (located behind the waterfall)

Hot Tub leaking

I filled up my tub last night and this morning almost have the water was missing. I had not put in the filter yet and was wondering if that could be the reason for the missing water? I did check around the tub to see if it was wet but have not yet open the… Read More»


The hopper where I put the chlorine pucks is leaking. It is tightened as tight as it goes but water is still leaking out. It is lowering the water level and now I have the error message low pressure. How do I stop the leak?

Hot Tub Leak

Hi, I have a 2005 Maxxus. A technician came out to look at my hot tub on wednesday but unfortunately nothing could be done at the time. I continued to dig through the foam and have located the leak. It seems to be coming out from a fitting right at the tub. It is at… Read More»

Altamars heater leaking.

Good day everyone. I have a 2004 Sundance altamar, And I’ve noticed a slow but steady drip from the heater. It appears to be coming from the seal for the elements heater casing. I’ve removed it and taken it apart, it would appear the seal is dry. but it also appears to be glued on.… Read More»

pump leaking water

I have a 2002 Optima Spa. I recently changed the water, and after 2 weeks noticed the water level had dropped about 6 inches. I discovered a slow drip coming off my hi/low speed pump #1 (see pic) and the section of shaft that is visible is wet. I am hoping this does not mean… Read More»

Air Control valve unscrewed

One of the air control valves unscrewed from the sleeve on my Sundance Chelsea spa. I put it back in and it just spins. Not sure how to correct – it doesn’t look like anything is broken on the part.

Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated

I changed my Flow Switch ( 2003 Sweetwater Cayman ) yesterday. When I powered the spa back up, I am now receiving a FL1 code. Here are my concerns – 1) is it possible that I did not get a good connection on the circuit board with the flow switch wires? Would that cause my… Read More»