is there a pilot light on heater? Gas had to be turned off… Service heater light is on… Is there something we can do to avoid service costs?

Pool heater Stopped Working

We have a Pentair Ultratemp Heat Pump. On the message indicator, it says: Alarm Status Low Refrig We are not sure what to do?? Please let us know ASAP since our pool heat is not on at all. Thank you

service light heater sta-rite max-e-200

Water level dropped below skimmer while away. Added water but now heater will not start and service heater light is on

Starite Pool heater Max-E-Therm 200

Heater is at 82F & is turning on and off every min or so. when the power is turned off & on it looks like a code o88 then r3 it fires up runs for a few min then shuts off. lifting the control board off and looking under there is NO lights on for… Read More»

Raypay 156a heater hi limit 2 fault

I am getting a high limit 2 fault code on my heater. The water flow is good and the hi limits are fine. What else could it be? the tech said maybe the pc board. But the unit turns on fine.

Changing pool filter / 5 alarm status

Our pool heater was giving us the 5 alarm status this morning. We changed the pool filters at lunch. While changing the filters, we followed the instructions as always but when it came time to release the pressure from the top of the “egg”, nothing came out. No sound. We went ahead and changed the… Read More»

Heater Max e therm 333

I have a Max E Therm 333. It was working fine and the propane ran out. We are heating a pool only, not a spa. We have been using pool mode like normal, but now after getting the propane filled again when I select Pool On, it reads the water temp correctly, but if I… Read More»

Heater problem

Tried turning on my heater and the following two messages came up: Fault Check IGN control Fault Fuselink/field Fuse link has been replaced however the messages are still coming up. Upon inspection, my husband found a broken wire to the flame sensor. We would like a second opinion on what needs to be fixed/replace. Please… Read More»

Max E Therm Heater Error

my heater is reading LED11. What does that mean? the Service Heater light came on. Can I fix it myself? Thanks