Fuse Switch for Heat pump keeps turning off

I’ve owned my heat pump for about 10 years now, but this is the first time I’ve had issues with it. It keeps turning off at the fuse box. This usually happens once per day. It is on it’s own fuse. So when I go to the fuse box and turn it on, it runs… Read More»

Broken lid

My Hamilton 780 hot tub lid has been getting heavier until it finally broke.I was able to get It out and confirmed that it had cracked and broke and now was wondering what to do next? can I replace just the one panel or do I need to replace the whole lid? Thanks in advance

Jet housing

We broke the jet housing trying to remove the jet. Can you price out the replacement parts And labor for this? Please and thanks

New jet

I need to replace a jet in my Sundance caprio. It’s a 90’s model. Don’t have the model number. I was going to take the jet out and come down to the store but I can’t get it out. Is there a trick to removing the jet?

Small leak

5 year old peyton hot tub loosing an inch of water every few days. Located small drip area under one back corner.seems to be wrapped in insuLatin blanket so csnt get at jets. Any tips on locating leak?ie.dye. Can tub be tipped on side to repair if necessary.

Air entering water pump intake

When we start our pump it kicks on high and starts drawing in water. I then open up the air relief valve on top the filter. Soon after water begins to flow through the relief valve so I close it and can see water flowing through the pump. Then, we can wee the skimmer basket… Read More»

No power in jets

Hi, I bought a used 2013 Sundance Edison and most of the jets are broken and fell out. I bought it that way and was wondering if thats the reason why there is barely any pressure on some jets and more pressure on others. Will I get more pressure on the jets when i get… Read More»

Sweat water hottub

Leak around fitting was leaking where smaller hose from hot tub joins with hard abs pipe

Jet related – Chelsea Spa

In the fall I reopened my Chelsea Spa (closed it down in mid July and August – too hot outside) and noticed that one of the Jets no longer controlled the air mix. The Air is always on for that one seat location. The dial seems to do nothing. I brought this up in November… Read More»

Poor jet pressure

Hi, impressed with the help and advice you have offered and hoping you may be able to assist me? I have a passion superior deluxe spa (same as a grizzly spa). It operates with an LX WP300-11 two speed pump motor and a basic Balboa control panel. We have regularly changed the water but not… Read More»