How to care for your hot tub and spa in Canadian Winter

Caring for your how tub in a Canadian Winter can have some challenges but it truly is the BEST time to enjoy a soak. Stars in the sky, cool winter breezes and the therapeutic water washing away the aches and pains after shoveling snow or a round of hockey – there’s nothing better! Here is… Read More»

Hot Tub Errors

Good evening, I shut off the breaker to my hot tub today, and cleaned it as I normally do. When I turned the breaker back on, and the tub started up, it started giving me two errors. The first is that it’s over-temperature and will not run the heater. This doesn’t make sense, as it’s… Read More»

Spa pump

Hi, I have an old 2003 Sundance spa. It has three separate panels on each side of the spa to turn on the jets but none of them turn the jets on. The jets do work when it does each of it’s cycles throughout there day. Could it possibly be a relay? Thanks!

How to choose a new pool pump

Pumps sometimes don’t get the attention they deserve as they are one of the biggest energy hogs we have in our house. Lifespan and power consumption are 2 of the biggest factors. Below is a snapshot of the 3 options to choose from and a brief description of each. If you have questions or would… Read More»

Sundance Spa quits after a few seconds, why?

I just changed my circulation pump (housing was cracked and leaking). When I restarted the hot tub, the waterfall ran for a few seconds and then quit. I read one of your posts about possible air lock, so ran my hose in the filter connection for awhile. Then I tried to restart the hot tub,… Read More»

2013 Optima Spa keeps tripping the breaker

optima serial number 00P3LCD-100471873-0913 The smart heater is leaking a tiny bit but would that be what is causing the breaker to flip. I did order the heater but am wondering if I need the high limit sensor and temperature sensor as well. If so what are the part numbers for those parts? This will… Read More»

chemicals for pool

How do I clean the filter for my swim spa? how do I run the filter, the last water analysis has a step where I am to run the filter? The weekly 3 steps for the swim spa is it the same for both the swimming side and the hot tub? When its not in… Read More»

Primary filtration

I have a chelsee model, and was wondering if the circulation pump is the same thing as the primary filtration? On the smart tub app, they only show primary and secondary filtration, and I am trying to understand how this works as I was told in the winter, you want the circulation pump to run… Read More»

Max E Therm 200 Heater

My heater’s temp controls are non-responsive to any input. Is there something I need to do to reset the heater? Thanks,