Yard lights

We are a new build. Aquatech has already completed our pool closing.
I wanted to put on the yard lights last night, which didn’t go on, which I then realized was because the pentair panel is turned off. So does this mean I am unable to use the new installed yard lights during the fall and winter?


  1. Nigel


    Hi John. There should be a breaker inside the Pentair load box outside just for the transformer. It may even be labeled transformer. If you turn that breaker on you should be able to use your light. Just leave the breaker off for your pump, heater and Bioshield uv if you have one of those. Let me know if any further questions on this or if you have any hiccups with it. We could come by next week and have a look if you do.

  2. John Thompson


    Thank you
    I turned on 3 breakers
    1.Landscape plugs
    3.Control panel
    (This is ok?)

    And I left 2 breakers off

    Lights are now working thank you.
    However I can’t turn them on from my app, only from the panel. Any thoughts?
    Whenever I attempt turning them on from the app, it turns back off on the app, and the lights never turn on

    • Nigel


      Hi John. You should be able to leave 2. Autocover/lights off as these lights likely mean the underwater lights for the pool. 1. Landscape plugs and 3. Control panel are likely the only ones you need on.
      As far as the app goes we sometimes see that happen when the load box has been turned off for a prolonged period. You could try two things. 1. Logging out and logging back in on the app. 2. Re-setting your home router.

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