I just purchased an Edison hot tub and am in the process of wiring it. In the control box, there are only 2 termination lugs for each 120v source and a bonding lug. Where does the neutral terminate?is it strictly a 240v tub? do I abandon the neutral at the control box and the GFI load centre? If so, how does the GFI operate with no reference to the neutral as it is isolated in the load centre? If this is a 240v set-up, why would your staff tell me to use a 6/3 conductor?


  1. Nigel


    Richard the 680 Series Sundance Edison model is a no load neutral appliance. The Edison is a 240vac setup. The neutral can be stripped back at both ends and left disconnected or run a 2 wire of equivalent gauge and ground to the spa from your GFCI. If all else fails contact a licensed electrician to supply a power feed an hookup to your Sundance Edison Spa.

    • Richard lansard


      Thanks Nigel. Just to confirm, the neutral pigtail remains connected to the neutral bar from the GFCI in the load centre?

      • Nigel


        Richard that is correct. You would not alter any of the original neutral connections that come connected within the GFCI box but you want to leave your new power feed that you supplied neutral from the GFCI box to the Spa Sentry Control box disconnected at both of those ends.

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