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Just got a new variable speed pump. 16×32 pool. What is the best preset speed to run it on? I like #2 with 1500 RPMs but not sure if that is enough to filter and run the heater efficiently.


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    Brad 1500rpm should be good enough to filter and heat. Typically you could have 4 preset speeds that are used the most frequently:

    1. A vacuum speed

    2. A normal filtering speed

    3. A hi circulation speed

    4. A low circulation speed

    The vacuum speed of course would be used when you are ready to manually vacuum the pool at the touch of one button.

    Dialing in your normal filtering speed you would want your heater to be able to run at the same time as normal filtering. You can set this by turning on your heater and then reducing your speed until the heater shuts off on low flow. I find on most pools this would be around 500-800 rpms.

    A hi circulation speed could be used at a time after adding shock to the pool so the pool will turn over quicker or after a rainstorm to have extra circulation in the pool. It could also be used at a time when you suspect your filter might be getting dirty and you need more flow to keep the pool clean and the heater running.

    A low circulation speed could be used when you want minimum circulation, minimum energy consumption and no heater operation. Typically in the 500-800rpm range.

    Using the quick clean button is also a quick way to have a good speed when vacuuming.

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