UV Light won’t turn on

My Delta UV 254 filter will not turn on, it is plugged in and the plug is live but it will not turn on. I notice that the light on the power supply is also not illuminated, so I am not sure if my power supply has gone bad or if the UV light bulb has burnt out. I pulled the light bulb out and the filaments look to be intact but there is some blackening that is happening at the ends close to the filaments.


  1. Nigel


    Ed if you have a multimeter check for 115v at the wires that come off your power supply before they connect to the psi switch and light socket. If you have 115v here then you likely have a bad lamp. If you don’t have 115v here you likely have a bad power supply. If you replace your power supply and the small blue light turns on and starts to flicker, quickly unplug the new power supply as this means the lamp is also bad. If all else fails contact your local Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your UV sanitizer.

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