Turn up the winter heat. Flashing FLO

I have an 01/02 Altlamar Sundance Spa. I have just cleaned the filter as I was getting a FLO flashing message and the heater wasn’t keeping up with the temp (heat symbol wouldn’t come on) When the filter was replaced the heater when back to the orginal set temp as the heat symbol came back one. since then (about a week) the heat will not hold and the heat symbol doesn’t come back on. the FLO flashing is back. all pumps seem to work and pump like normal. is this the flow switch? should the tab on the switch be touching?


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    Blair, the paddle on the flow switch should be touching the post when the circulation pump is providing proper flow.  If it is not touching the post and there is a call for heat you will have the flashing FLO msg.  Check to see if you have adequate water movement from the circulation jet in the footwell of the spa.  If the water movement is weak through this one jet and the paddle is not touching the post or it is intermittently touching the post you could have a blockage in the circulation line after the flow switch.  One way to check for blockage is to disconnect the hose after the flow switch, connect a short section of hose to the flow switch and place it over the lip of the spa into the water.  If the flow switch paddle touches the post and the heat icon comes on you then know you have a blockage in the line after the flow switch.  If the paddle is not touching the post you can check to see if your circ pump is getting power at the voltage points on the PWA.  Check the voltage points for the circ pump on the PWA with a multi meter.  With the circ pump set for 24hrs you should have 240vac here.  If you have 240 here you could have a bad circ pump or a plugged circ pump or plugged circ pump line before the pump.  If you don’t have 240 here you could have a bad PWA and or a bad Flow switch.  If all else fails contact your local Sundance Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

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