Sweetwater Laguna 2003 – FL1 error message

Heater has shut down due to error FL1. Filter was recently cleaned with Filter Brite but not recently replaced. Used garden hose to clear any air locks and after this heater started up again and no FL1 message. 12 hours later checked and FL1 message returned. Want to check the flow switch paddle for debris but where exactly is it located before going to next level of replacing switch or calling for service.




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    Alex the flow switch is located behind the main skirt panel.

    Alternatively if you cannot locate your flow or pressure switch you could try placing a jumper across the Flow switch pins on the PWA. This will simulate FLOW. If the FL1 message goes away it is a possible indication of a bad flow/psi switch or a bad connection to the switch. Also check to see that you should have flow. If you are setup for 24hr circulation and you are not in Summer Logic and your circulation pump is not moving water you could also have a plugged or bad circ pump or a bad connection to the circ pump and this could be causing the FL1 message. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

  2. Alex


    Thank you and will try all later today and see if we have success.

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