sweet water hot tub fl1 problem

I have a sweetwater cayman hot tub fl1 error. I had cleaned and drained the tub and the filter, recently changed the flow switch and circulation pump. The error comes on when I place the filter on. When the filter is off there is no error. I switched to another clean filter and get the same result.


  1. Nigel


    Hi Terry. First make sure you have the correct voltage replacement circ pump. Should be a 230v model. Second make sure the flow switch arrow on the flow switch is pointed in the correct direction ie away from the heater and circulation pump and towards the outlet to the spa. Third make sure you have good connections where the flow switch wires connect to the harness that goes into the circuit board. If this all checks out you could have an air lock that needs to be released. Best way to release the air is by loosening the gear clamp in front of the circulation pump til the air bleeds out. You may lose some water this way but it is an effective method.

  2. Terry Chin


    I looked at the circuit board and observed one of the wires connected to a relay was burnt and eroded at the connector end. This has happened before and I had replaced the wire. It didn’t last long. I remember the wire was warm to the touch. What would cause this? The relay is burnt where there is the connector. Is the relay something I can purchase separately and replace on my own? The motherboard says, 6600-288 REV A C2192. I purchased the spa in 2004. A replacement board cost $225+. Is it cost effective to replace?

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