Sundanice hot tub

Was blowing breaker. Resetc then again in 3 weeks.reset then again in 1 week.reset then 3 days.this was as temp got colder last fall.heater coil measures 10.5 ohms.looks ok too.tks dan


  1. Nigel


    Hi Dan. Nussiance tripping scenarios are hard ones to diagnose. I would start by checking for moisture in and around all the pump motors, circuit board, blower and also around your GFCI cuttoff breaker if you have one outside. Check for any breaks in wires leading to any of the pumps, blower and control box. If you have an ozone unit on the spa consider unplugging it for 3 weeks to see if things improve. If all this checks out you could have a worn out GFCI breaker. If any supply power feed wire has been changed recently to coincide with the breaker tripping make sure the wire is sized properly for the distance run and current pull of the spa. +/- 10%.

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