Sundance wireless monitor reading ‘Hi’. Malfunction?

Sundance wireless temp monitor is reading ‘Hi’. Water temp in the tub is set at 102 and that is the reading on the hot tub panel. Is the sensor defective or is the heater on continuously? Suggestions?


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    Joel you will know if the spa is heating by observing the topside control panel and looking for the heater icon.  If the heater icon is not displaying the heater would be off.

    You could have a problem with the thermal couple connection to the control panel, a bad sensor, dirty or broken connection from the sensor to the DCU box and or a bad DCU box.  Please be advised that the SunSpa check product was discontinued a number of years ago.  It was replaced by a newer version that communicates with Apple product technology on 2012+ 880 series Sundance Spas.  Parts are available on a limited basis only for the SunSpa check.  Contact our Parts Support Desk if you require parts.

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