Sundance sweet water 680 series FL1 error

Hi all,

We have the Sundance sweetwater Laguna 680 series I think? Or 780.

I’ve recently purchased it off a friend with the known FL1 code.

Anyway I’ve changed the circulation pump and filled it up yesterday and turned it on. Today it’s at a nice 40degree temperature.

I’ve just put the jets on for 5 mins and the fl1 code has now come up.

Yesterday after changing the circ pump I noticed a little white hose coming off the bottom / just past the heater but before the circ pump. This was snapped so I plugged both ends of the snapped pipe. It looks as if it just went from just past the heater but before the circ pump over to the right and connected into a larger 2 inch or bigger pipe which comes off the 2 speed pump. Does this need reconnecting? Is it important?

I’m hoping there is maybe an airlock I will try the hose trick later when the kids get out of it.

It’s still heating up too which is what it wasn’t doing before I changed the circ pump. It currently saying 38. Heater light is on, but if I put the jets on it starts flashing fl1 then 38degrees alternatively. Then jets off and the heater kicks in as and when needed. Truthfully I’m not too bothered about the jets, a quick burst every now and again is fine with me

Any help is greatly received.




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    Andrew, the small hose needs to be reconnected.  This is a freeze protection line.  Depending on how you plugged it you could be creating back pressure at the Flow switch when the larger pump turns on causing the FL1 msg.  A soiled filter, plugged circulation line or circulation pump and an intermittent connection at the Flow switch or a bad Flow switch could also cause the FL1 msg.  After you reconnect the hose again observe the paddle position at the Flow switch T.  With the Circulation pump providing good water movement the paddle should be making solid contact with the post.  If it is fluttering or intermittently touching the post you may have a soiled filter and or a plugged circulation line.  If all else fails contact your local Sundance Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

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