Sundance Spa quits after a few seconds, why?

I just changed my circulation pump (housing was cracked and leaking). When I restarted the hot tub, the waterfall ran for a few seconds and then quit. I read one of your posts about possible air lock, so ran my hose in the filter connection for awhile. Then I tried to restart the hot tub, and now it won’t even start. When it was running for a few seconds, I could visually see the flow switch move, so I know I had some flow. I have power to the control box. Our control panel is not fully functional, but the switches for the jets work. The display is damaged, so can’t read the display. How can I check flow switch, or what may cause this issue. It ran great the night before I changed the circulation pump.
Spa is Date 05/05/06
Model Marin /W
Serial #: OXM3850 – 100230723-0506


  1. Nigel


    Do you have any error message codes showing on the topside control panel?

  2. Britney


    Hello we have a Vicking Spa- Model Royale- serial number 07057271
    Had a new pump put in and it’s a 2 speed. When you hit the jet button it’s clicks but nothing turns on.. it will run thru cycle and the water fall turns on and water will move out of the jets.. but nothing when you hit the jet button

    • Nigel


      Check for voltage at the jet pump test points on the board when you press the button. If you have power at that point you could have a bad connection from the board to the pump and or a bad pump. If you don’t have correct power there you could have a bad board.

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