Sundance spa Jbl intellisound problems


I have A 2010 sundance otima spa with a JBL Intellisound systeme & only the right speakers work, fuses & The wiring are ok, i have reseted bnd & eject & usb with pin closing the main power . Still the Left speakrs don’t work. Is there something else That I can do .




  1. Reply

    Marc if you have tried the soft reset and the hardware reset already you may have some bad speakers there. You can try some new speakers on the side that is not working. You could also try a speaker from the right that you know works and install it on the left side for one that is not working now. If this does’nt work you likely have a bad deck. While you are troubleshooting the speakers it is a good opportunity to check the wiring at each indivdual speaker where the speakers connect to the wiring. Make sure it has a clean and good connection. There is alot of wire in the wiring harness and rodents love to nest in this area.

    If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your stereo system.

  2. Norm Gaumont


    I have a 2008 Certa Sundance Hot tub and the wired remote has power but simply displays what channel is being played and all the keys are lit up at night but nothing works. None of the keys works. I noticed in the display there was some moisture. I am not sure how this is wired and wonder is it could be a fuse.

    • Nigel


      Norm, the remote is wired direct to the deck. If it is lit up but not working you likely have a bad remote. The wired remote is discontinued. If you require a new wireless remote availability visit our online parts support desk by going to Click on Parts and Accessories, then click on the big yellow button Get pricing & availability. You are looking for p/n 6560-340 and 6560-341

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