Sundance Marin 880

We have a Sundance Marin 880 and restarted it now after winter. But now it is not possible to set time and temperature. Everything else is working fine. Any ideas?


  1. Nigel


    Hi Lydia. When you first fill the spa the display will back and forth between actual temperature and the cool symbol. You may want to check to see if the lock symbol is displayed on your panel. If it is you will need to unlock the panel. What is the serial number of your Marin spa?

  2. Lydia Gaertner


    Hello Nigel,
    at the moment the lock symbol is not displayed but from time to time it appears without doing anything. It seems as if the whole display has a life of it’s own! The serial number is: OXM3LXD-100391967-0211

    • Nigel


      Hi Lydia. You could try shutting off the main GFCI breaker to the spa for 5min and than restarting it. If things continue the way they are you would want to check the ribbon cable from the topside control down to the circuit board for breaks. If the ribbon cable looks ok then you may have a bad PWA ie circuit board.

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