Sundance Altamar Pump Issue

Sundance Altamar (2000) – I was doing a cleaning and re-fill and upon restarting the hot tub, I was getting a FLO reading and the #1 pump would not start. When I did the clean-out, I sucked as much water out of the tub with a shop-vac, I did notice that the flow valve did not have any water in it upon start-up, but once I left the small heat pump on for awhile, the flow valve was functioning and the FLO reading went away, however pump #1 would not start up. When pressing the button for the #1 pump, I can hear a click noise and I can hear the pump humming, but pump won’t start. After a few seconds, I hear another click noise and then no humming, which I assume is an internal breaker or safety switch that is shutting off power to the pump. I have confirmed that the pump shaft will turn quite easily, thus not a seized pump. Any ideas on what the problem might be. Could there be an air lock that could be the problem. Could it be a capacitor in the pump or on the circuit board.


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    Jay if you can hear the pump humming and you have proper voltage on the PWA where the pump connects to when there is a call for the pump to run you have either a bad capacitor or bad pump motor or both. If all else fails contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair of your Sundance Spa.

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