Sundance 880 Optima spa

Water fountain only runs when the main jet pump button is activated and shuts down when a lower jet setting is activated or when Jets are not enabled at all. Is this a circulation pump issue. The hot tub is only a year and a half old. I have tried shutting down the power to the hot tub and resetting it and this didn’t work. I will change my filter and see if that helps. I have ordered new filters as well, which should be here this next week.


  1. Nigel


    If the waterfall control valve is in the ON position there will be water flow through the waterfall any time the circulation pump is running so if the spa is heating the circulation pump will be running and you would have flow through the waterfall Derek. Starting on page 58 of your Sundance Spas 880 Series owners manual it is explained in depth how to change or alter your heating and filter cycles. We recommend leaving the the spa in Auto heating cycle and setting your primary filter cycle for 24hrs at least from the months of November through April in cold climate regions.

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