Stain and Scale Control

I have a sundance peyton hot tub that I’m pretty new to. I want to use this spaguard stain and scale control. It says that I need to have the pumps on for 8 hours after I use it. This seems odd. How do I even get the pumps to stay on past 20 minutes?


  1. Kathi B


    That is a very good question.

    The initial dose of Stain and Scale Control does a wonderful job of addressing calcium and metals concerns. For it to address very high metals or mineral content the longer the filter runs the more efficiently this will be taken care of. Most folks will add the initial dose right after the spa is freshly filled while the water is still cold and this allows the spa to be circulating until it reaches the set temperature.

    On your Sundance Peyton spa, please keep your filter cycle on F3 and all your hot tub products will work wonderfully – circulation, filtration and chemistry are the three keys to spa care.

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