Spa pump moter

I got home from vacation to find my hot tub completely shut down. Investigation showed the on/off switch contacts fused together and the wire between the switch and the Ground Fault Detector burned out. The casing on the GFU was also melted. I took ohms readings on my pump motor to determine if it is OK. The readings I took were as follows. 0 ohms on the meter read 0.4 – White to Black leads read 1.4 ohms, White to Yellow read 1.3 ohms and Yellow to Black read .4 ohms. Are these good readings or do I have a motor problem? It seems I have to replace the on/off switch every 3 – 4 years because of this problem.


  1. Nigel


    Dave, typically when components keeping burning up inside the pak you have a particular component or combination of components that are pulling more current then they are rated for. This particular component or combination should be changed out. The readings to take would be on each individual component with a clamp on amp meter. Also check the compatibility of components with your pak. If components have been replaced in the past make sure they are suitable to the combined current draw of the pak. Make sure the wire size and connectors to each component are suitable to the current draw. An average lifespan for an electro-mechanical pak is 8-10yrs.

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