spa not heating

I have a 2016 Sundance Optima (no stereo), Serial#100597217 that is not heating past 80 degrees. In the settings and information screen it says the high limit is set to 80 and that seems to me what may be wrong. How can i edit this setting and does that sound like the problem? The heater icon is flashing on the screen and the water temperature is currently 80 but it was dropping one degree every 2 hours last night. Thank you!


  1. Nigel


    Tim the hi-limit sensor on the 2016 Optima cannot be edited or programmed. What you are seeing when you read 80 is the temperature of the water that the sensor is sensing going through the heater ie 80 degrees. So it sounds like the hi-limit is functioning. If you are not gaining temperature make sure your hot tub cover is closed properly over the spa, make sure your set temperature is set higher then 80 degrees and make sure you are in Auto mode. Also because of the cold weather right now we recommend setting your primary filter cycle for 24hrs and your secondary filter cycle for frequent.
    If this all checks out and you are still not gaining temperature. Pull out your Microclean ultra inner core filter and have a look at it. If it is greased up or dirty it could be causing the heater to go on in an intermittent way. Usually a greased up filter will produce a Flo message on your topside but not always especially if it is on the fence. If all your settings and your filter check out you may have a different mechanical issue. Feel free to contact our Service Support Desk to book a diagnostic and repair if this is the case. I’m attaching a link to the Microclean ultra inner core filter for your convenience. This is the filter that could cause a no heat or flow message situation.

  2. Dennis Begin


    My hot tub will only heat on high speed. I have changed the pressure switch and the filter. Any ideas?

    • Nigel


      Hi Dennis, what make and model spa pak do you have and have you had it serviced or have you serviced the pump motor in any way a short time ago?

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